Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to tear down the walls that impede marketers from delivering exponential impact. We enable teams to span boundaries and unleash the full potential of their marketing network.

Our Values

At WorkSpan, we believe that our customers are heroes who work hard to deliver business impact. Their success will guide us.

We Build for People

We build for people and treat everyone as first-class citizens in our apps so they can engage with colleagues and partners on shared processes and data, and optimize everyone’s effectiveness in the marketing network.

We Span Boundaries

We believe that spanning boundaries is critical for marketers to deliver growth. The most successful marketing teams are those who can easily span internal and external boundaries to share ideas, be resourceful and influence outcomes.

We Work for Success

We believe in building products and relationships for the long term. WorkSpan earns and builds trust between our customers, their partners, and their agencies by making everyone’s shared success our guiding principle.

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The WorkSpan Way

At WorkSpan, we believe in the design thinking approach to problem-solving.


We seek to understand first. We span boundaries, curate possibilities and shape a point of view based on observation. For example, we conducted primary interviews with 60+ companies to build our Campaigns app.


We learn about your needs by walking a mile in your shoes. We are curious and ask questions to build our unique insights. For example, we learned from extreme users who have multiple company badges on how they build a circle of trust.


We iterate with our design partners and share our roadmap with them. We have a strong bias for quality and simplicity. For example, we worked with 15+ design partners to iterate on design prototypes and beta releases.


We team up with our design partners and out-execute the market, with a strong bias for quality and simplicity. We have built a world class team of people with expertise in big data, search, marketing networks and marketing.

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