WorkSpan for Ecosystem Executives


Digitally transform siloed channels & alliances into winning ecosystems.

Beat your competition with a strong, more agile ecosystem in three steps.


Activate your program

Launch your partner programs on the first Ecosystem Cloud network & watch new partners come in the door so you can win faster together.


Grow your ecosystem

Grow your partner network to open new markets, expand your influence, deliver whole solutions, & transform to a modern, agile, ecosystem.


Beat your competition

Deliver better solutions to your customers faster. Expand into new markets as your ecosystem grows. Leave your competitors in the dust.

Tap Into the Ecosystem Opportunity

CEOs and senior executives are recognizing that building a strong ecosystem of partners is critical to their company's ability to innovate and win in today's hyper-competitive market. Analysts are projecting massive growth and opportunity for companies that are able to take advantage. And innovation-minded executives are taking action now to grow, engage, and activate their ecosystems.


Top Performers are already there

This recent Gartner survey research makes it very clear that nearly 80% of top performing companies are already participating in ecosystems, while, for trailing performers, only 24% are engaged today. So the data is already proving out what CEOs and executives are saying -- the ecosystem imperative is critical to win in today's market.

Lead the Change to Ecosystems

Companies have been selling their solutions through their channel partners for years. But this model of partnership has been changing dramatically. As the move to cloud computing has accelerated, major software vendors are no longer “shipping boxes” of their own software through Distributors and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). Forward-thinking organizations are already assembling ecosystems of "P2P" partner models to speed innovation and satisfy fast-changing customer needs.


You need an Ecosystem Cloud

While CEO surveys and leading analysts are all pointing to the ecosystem imperative, there has been no system that addresses these dramatically different requirements -- until today. The WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud is the game-changing platform that is sweeping the technology industry. Lead your organization to the ecosystem imperative -- learn more about Ecosystem Cloud today.

Achieve your Ecosystem goals with WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud


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