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WorkSpan + Radware Webinar

Learn How Radware Manages Joint Sales Motions With Microsoft

Join us for an exciting webinar to learn how Ricky Mehta, GTM Program Manager at Radware is using WorkSpan to manage joint sales activities with their strategic partner, Microsoft. Managing pipeline with partners can be a manual, challenging, and time consuming process with countless spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Google Docs, and phone calls. Register for the webinar to learn how to become a TRUE Orchestrator of your Ecosystem!

P2P at scale: Redefining Partner Program Success

P2P at scale: Redefining Partner Program Success

Microsoft launched the Partner to Partner (P2P) program at Microsoft Inspire to enable Microsoft partners (software, services, and hardware) to connect and collaborate across the three Microsoft clouds and prioritized industries to deliver even greater value to mutual customers.

Learn how this new program is facilitating joint go-to-market activities between partners in the Microsoft ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation of their customers and grow their businesses.

On-Demand Webinars

Constellation Ecosystem Cloud Webinar

How Ecosystem Management Platforms Are Changing The Game For Partnerships & Alliances | Constellation Research

Constellation Research has partnered with WorkSpan to provide a deep dive into the emergence of Ecosystem Cloud. Watch this immersive webinar with Nicole France, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research where we discuss Ecosystem Management Platforms.

Maximizing the Value of Ecosystems - IDC

Maximizing the Value of Ecosystems – IDC Research

IDC Research joins us in our upcoming webinar to share crucial insights and guidance from a new IDC InfoBrief that’s all about the incredible opportunity available to companies that unlock their ecosystems. We will share surprising statistics about the power of ecosystems and offers concrete steps to get started.

Boost Market Expansion – Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem

Join this webinar for a deep dive into three ecosystem best practices. We will share real world examples and provide insight on how our listeners can experience this within their own organizations. This webinar is part 3 in the webinar series: Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem – introducing the five value indicators to empowering and enabling your ecosystem cloud journey.

Accelerate Time to Market – Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem | Webinar Series

View this webinar hosted by our value engineering experts for a discussion on the best practices for accelerating your time to market. This webinar is part 2 in the webinar series: Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem — introducing the five value indicators to empowering and enabling your ecosystem cloud journey.

Grow Revenue – Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem | Webinar Series

View this webinar recording to learn strategies and guidelines for proving alliance revenue contribution. This webinar is part 1 in the webinar series: Unleash The Value Of Your Ecosystem – introducing the five value indicators to empowering and enabling your ecosystem cloud journey.


Building a System of Trust with Your Strategic Alliances

View this insightful & engaging webinar where we discuss how to inspire transparency with your partners & massively accelerate revenue together.


5 Key Dimensions Where Alliances Add Value To Your Business

Ray Wang, Founder & Principal Analyst from Constellation Research joins us to discuss the 5 value indicators that demonstrably prove how alliances impact the business.


Why Partnering Leadership is Essential to Digital Transformation

Lorin Coles, Cofounder of Alliancesphere, joins us to walk through the five-point agenda for creating your organization’s Collaborative Leadership System for a digital world.


Does Your CEO Believe You? How to Prove Alliance Results

Getting your CEO to buy in to your efforts, accomplishments, & results is the difference between doing your job and owning it. Learn how to use data & reports to earn the credibility you deserve from your CEO/leadership.

Final Light

The ‘Shadow Channel’ Is Coming into the Light

Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Global Channels at Forrester, joins us for a discussion on these new partners and how to best engage with them for joint go-to-market initiatives.


Operationalizing Alliance Management—Why Now?

Enterprise technology companies generate 30-40% of their total revenue through strategic alliance partners. Yet a staggering 60-75% of announced partnerships fail. Companies risk having their alliance initiatives fail when there’s no shared visibility, mutual accountability, or cross-company business process automation. In short—when companies haven’t operationalized alliance management.

hand reaching

How SUSE is Reducing Alliance Risk & Uncertainty with a Shared System of Record

Join us for a live webinar with Bret Dayley, Alliance Marketing Program Manager, SUSE as he discusses the challenges they faced with improving partner engagement, increasing MDF funds utilization, and driving broader and stronger joint marketing programs.

Ice Crack

Crossing the Strategic Alliance Chasm

Upwards of 70% of alliance initiatives fail—despite alliances often driving an important 40% of enterprise revenues. How can you ensure that your alliance initiatives will cross the chasm to scale and generate recurring revenue?


Strategic Alliances Planning for Exponential Growth

Learn how to plan, coordinate, and measure the value of your strategic alliance program. Kathy Contreras, Sr. Research Director at SiriusDecisions joins us to discuss how create and measure successful and lasting strategic alliance relationships.


Best Practices for Creating an Effective Go-To-Market Plan with Partners

With countless email chains and multiple shared spreadsheets, we know that creating a plan with multiple partners and stakeholders can be painful. That’s why many of us take the path of least resistance. This year, don’t start by copying and pasting your 2017 marketing plan with 2018 goals. Learn how WorkSpan can help you create an exponentially powerful plan.

Previous Events

Ecosystem Cloud Summit event

October 3, 2019

Ecosystem Cloud Summit | Atlanta, GA

Sponsored by Alliancesphere

This Ecosystem Cloud Summit will provide an opportunity to learn and share views on the latest trends, best practices, and insights for successfully managing your joint initiatives.

Join us for an evening of networking with your fellow ecosystem practitioners and hear success stories from alliance leaders transforming their business for growth.

Whitpapers / E-books

Ecosystem Cloud Overview

Learn how WorkSpan’s Ecosystem Cloud drives innovative joint solutions, inspires joint marketing, operationalizes joint sales, and fuels hyper-performing MDFs.

Case Studies

WorkSpan has set out to change the way Enterprise Companies do business. Hear some of our customer stories below.

Radware Case Study

Radware Unleashes the Value of its Microsoft Partnership with Ecosystem Cloud

Read this case study to find out how Radware uses WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud to boost the success of joint sales opportunities with Microsoft.

Joint Marketing Partnerships at Lenovo

Learn how Lenovo simplified and streamlined it’s joint marketing partnership processes in used WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud.

SUSE Achieves MDF Utilization with WorkSpan Joint Funds

Learn how SUSE achieved an 85 percent increase in Market Development Fund [MDF] utilization with WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud.

Joint Solutions

“Big 4” Consulting firm launches Joint Solutions 2x Faster with WorkSpan

Learn how a “Big 4” consulting firm and their software technology partner brought joint solutions to market 2x faster on the WorkSpan Network.

Joint Sales

WorkSpan’s Shared System of Record Powers Joint Sales

Learn how WorkSpan’s shared system of record powers joint sales opportunities and strengthens alliance performance.

Product Videos

Product Video

Finally: The Go-To-Market Network for Alliances

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Event Videos


December 2018 Alliance Network Summit

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February 2018 Alliance Network Summit

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Demand Discuss

Demand Network Summit Open Discussion

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Intro to Demand

Introducing the Demand Network Summit

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Demand Tech discussion

Demand Networks in High Tech

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Customer Videos


SAP Customer Testimonial

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Intel Customer Testimonial

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Market CEO Steve Lucas on WorkSpan

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White Papers / Reports

Constellation Research Report - Ecosystem Cloud Cover

Constellation Research Report | WorkSpan’s Ecosystem Cloud Elevates Business Networks

This Constellation Research report offers a deep dive into the emergence of Ecosystem Cloud. The report identifies key differentiators, examines functional capabilities, considers the offering’s strengths and weaknesses, and outlines key use cases.

IDC Research InfoBrief | Maximizing the Value of Ecosystems

Read this IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by WorkSpan, for insight into the new opportunities and resulting challenges brought by Ecosystems. IDC provides guidance for Ecosystem Leaders on the improved tools and approach to managing alliances and breaking down barriers to ecosystem success.

Alliance Relationship Management

Today’s hyper-competitive business environment challenges organizations to work across multiple internal departments and external partners to deliver a seamless customer experience. The gap between customer visibility and partner marketing/sales effectiveness has created a new opportunity for alliance relationship management platforms.


The most successful account-based alliance initiatives include partners who can influence growth in target accounts. However many organizations conduct joint account planning opportunistically, rather than as a sustained and repeatable process

Organizations need to develop long-term strategies to maximize strategic alliance relationships. Use Sirius Decision’s TRED (Technology, Recruitment, Enablement, Demand Creation) model to more effectively plan investments and tactics to optimize marketing spend.

Effective partner engagement is built on five pillars: incentives, communications, processes, training, and relationships. Marketing with a strategic alliance partner requires a mutual definition of the program goals, objectives and an established process to track and manage progress against goals.


Whitepaper from The Rhythm of Business and Alliancesphere.
Go-to-market partnering is required for transformative innovation in all of today’s enterprises.
How will you create, deploy, and integrate a leadership system for collaborative innovation from top-to-bottom and end-to-end, overcoming organizational boundaries, inertia, and old ways of leading?


The Definitive Best Practices Guide For Alliance & Ecosystem Professionals

Read this ebook filled with best practices from across the industry to help you and your Alliance teams get the recognition you deserve from the contribution you make to the success of your company every day.


Alliance Best Practices Infographic

The Top 10 Best Practices for Alliance & Ecosystem Professionals

We get it. Managing today’s complex ecosystems is hard. Check out this infographic on the top 10 best practices for successful alliances.

Alliances vs traditional partnering

The Differences Between Alliances and Traditional Partnering Models

Learn what sets the Alliance Partnering Model apart from Traditional Partnering.

Ecosystems are the Cornerstone of Growth

“Ecosystems replace traditional channel programs”. Find out which leading industry researchers believe the emergence of Ecosystems will impact today’s partnering models.

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