What We Believe

our beliefs

1. No Company Goes to Market Alone

Every innovation needs an ecosystem to succeed.
The share of revenue influenced by partners has grown to 40%, yet 60% of partnerships will fail! We must urgently solve this problem as customers demand innovations faster—while cloud, big data, and APIs are creating new opportunities for more innovative joint solutions and interdependent go-to-market initiatives than ever before.

2. Successful Partner Programs Require Partner Engagement across the Journey

Partners are not ATMs.

We think partners are underserved by “one-off press releases”, “one-keynote” mentions, and being treated as “ATMs” to augment sales. Every company must transition away from seeing partnerships as mere “reselling”—to engaging in joint value creation along the entire customer journey. Successful partnering requires creating unique joint solutions, communicating “better together” value propositions via joint marketing, and winning shared customers with joint selling.

3. The World Is One Giant Network of Partners

Partners are not tiers.

Today, partners are seen as “outsiders” and assigned hierarchical labels with “gold”, “silver”, and “bronze” status. This “us vs. them” thinking keeps partners at arm’s length. Partners are shackled by labels that stifle creativity and innovation. The next massive new market opportunity could easily come from a “bronze” partner that you’ve relegated to the backwater of a rigid partner landscape. Partnerships should be relationships that you nurture, not tiers to be managed.

4. Companies That Orchestrate Networks Will Win

One way partner portals are dead!

Organizations that can operate across company boundaries more fluidly will be strategically positioned to accelerate their business opportunities and win the market hands-down! Instead of one-way portals, networks are needed where go-to-market innovations with 3-way (e.g. Cloud Provider, App Provider, System Integrator) or n-way partnerships can thrive.

5. Networked Solutions That Bring People Together Across Companies Are Needed

Enterprise software has underserved the ecosystem economy.

Marketing and sales technology has exploded with new offerings every day. Unfortunately, that innovation has been inwardly focused, limiting the impact to single-company silos. While every line of business—from HR, to marketing, to sales—has technology enabled to plan, build, and measure success, partner programs are still run on spreadsheets and opinions (“it’s going well”). A new class of enterprise solutions is needed that serve ecosystems with processes that easily cross company boundaries, utilize shared data and insights, and work for a network of users across companies in a secure way. This new approach challenges current thinking where enterprise applications treat a single company as primary citizen, and everyone else as secondary.

There’s a better way!

Imagine a world where you and your strategic partners’ partnering, marketing, and sales teams work together on a single cross-company network with shared processes to collaborate and drive revenue together. This new world allows you to:

Join the World’s Leading Ecosystem Cloud

  • Experience fluid, frictionless go-to-markets enabled through bi-directional relationships on a network
  • Discover and easily establish new partnerships based on your business objectives
  • Gain visibility across the entire end-to-end journey—from shared solutions, to joint marketing, to joint sales
  • Create, collaborate on, approve, and launch new joint solutions to the market with ease
  • Find partnership go-to-market problems quickly and solve them in real-time

Build Your Circle of Trust

  • Base your partnering decisions on performance, partner network reputation, and trust
  • Establish and drive partnerships based on goals that are explicit and managed jointly
  • Share relevant data with partners while protecting company-confidential information
  • Build deep person-to-person trust relationships across companies and regions for valuable engagement opportunities

Create Deeper, More Effective Partner Relationships

  • Create and manage partner programs across artificial boundaries to plan, launch, and track joint solutions
  • Run joint marketing programs and campaigns with shared marketing teams, utilizing each other’s market access and shared funding
  • Operationalize joint opportunities with shared sales teams to sell joint solutions, improve win rates, and coordinate sales plays

Achieve Transformational Results

  • Maximize joint assets to create and drive revenue together
  • Optimize asset allocation to programs that maximize ROI
  • Accelerate joint performance, visibility, and sales cycles
  • Grow unique solutions, shared opportunities, and revenue together

Our mission:

We're on a mission to tear down the walls that impede strategic partnerships from delivering exponential impact to the business. We enable teams to span boundaries and unleash the full potential of their go-to-market network.

We build for people.

We build for people and treat each and every one as first-class citizens, so they can engage with colleagues and partners on shared processes and data—optimizing everyone’s effectiveness in the ecosystem.

We span boundaries.

We believe spanning boundaries is critical for partnering, marketing, and sales professionals to deliver growth. The most successful go-to-market teams can easily span internal and external boundaries to share ideas, be resourceful, and influence outcomes.

We work for success.

We believe in building truly great products and relationships for the long term. WorkSpan earns and builds trust between our customers, their partners, and their agencies by making everyone’s shared success our constant guiding principle.

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