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Manage your ecosystem. Grow revenue.
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WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud provides a trusted network for multi-way partnering.

Use our applications to securely manage joint sales, joint marketing, & joint solutions with your partners. Report with confidence across your ecosystem metrics.

For Individual Partner Managers

You and your partner nominate, manage, & report on shared pipeline together.
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For Partner Program Leaders

Host your partner programs to drive engagement across partners at scale.
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For Ecosystem Executives

Digitally transform siloed channels & alliances into winning ecosystems.
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Work with over 300 companies on the WorkSpan network today.

Your ecosystem cloud platform to manage all aspects of your partner relationships

Partner Programs

Manage your partner programs with your entire ecosystem.
• Invite partners to your program based on their skills & reach.
• Experience a 360-degree view across all build-with, market-with, and sell-with partner motions.
• Track metrics across all partners & accurately measure ROI.


Joint Sales

Manage your joint pipeline with your ecosystem.
• Nominate accounts & orchestrate joint account planning.
• Forecast & track the progress of your joint pipeline.
• Prove alliance contribution to closed revenue.


Joint Marketing

Manage your joint marketing plans with your ecosystem.
• Identify new joint marketing programs with partners.
• Execute joint marketing campaigns & maximize ROI.
• Measure your joint marketing funnel performance.


Joint Solutions

Manage your joint solution portfolio with your ecosystem.
• Package solutions with your partners.
• Launch joint solutions to field teams.
• Scale solution delivery & boost market share.


Joint Funds

Manage your funds & incentives with your ecosystem.
• Promote available funds & incentives
• Manage full lifecycle of funds seamlessly
• Boost utilization to 95% or more



High velocity account qualification using assessments with your ecosystem.
• Drive fast & effective account qualification
• Customize questionnaires to your requirements
• Convert high-score assessments to opportunities



One Place for All Your Actions, Approvals, and Notifications.
• Streamline collaboration with your partners.
• Review and take action in one place.
• Stay on track with all your partnerships.


WorkSpan Mobile

• Increase productivity: Approve and decline funding requests, claim requests, invitations, and endorsements.
• Accelerate joint sales: Securely share sales opportunities and communicated directly with trusted selling partners.
• Collaborate everywhere: Communicate quickly and easily with your partners and stakeholders via direct messages.


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