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The WorkSpan Manifesto

We believe that no company goes to market alone, & successful go-to-market initiatives require partner engagement across the journey.

We believe that the world is one giant network of companies serving shared customers, & companies that better orchestrate their networks will win.

We believe a network that brings people together across companies in a trusted and secure way is needed now.

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Why do 60% of alliance go-to-market relationships fail?

Joint Solutions Flop Post-Launch

  • Partners out of sync with latest shared content, wins, and references
  • Poor distribution of sales assets leave field teams without critical sales tools to win deals
  • Lack of cross-company KPIs and reporting systems to drive accountability on joint solution goals

Joint Marketing Fails to Build Pipeline

  • No visibility into your partners’ marketing calendar and plans
  • No shared system of record for product, field, and partner teams to execute and measure joint programs
  • No way to expose best ideas for joint funding, use partners’ market access, or identify winning programs to drive ROI

Joint Selling
Never Takes Off

  • Deal registration is untrusted—no accountability while partners hoard and deals grow stale
  • Security is broken—critical data is shared via insecure spreadsheets
  • Lack of coordination to make deal progress makes account plans opaque and unreliable

No more partner tiers, portals, and "talk to the hand". Join the network to engage deeply across the entire journey and win shared customers.

Intel Expands Its Circle of Trust on WorkSpan

“With the WorkSpan Network, 250 Intel & SAP marketers on 5 continents are working together better than ever before.”

Kathy Barboza Director Strategic Software Alliances, Intel

"The Global Economy is Changing the Way We Collaborate"

The new standard of collaboration expands across different offices, different time zones...and different companies.

As we become a more global business society, we’re seeing a lot more companies collaborating with other companies – which can present the challenge of keeping confidential information secret, while still effectively working with outsiders. Provided they can get past these barriers, businesses can gain a competitive edge by leveraging the resources of a partner.

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