Network Partnering is Mission Critical

WorkSpan helps you to discover, plan, fund, and measure joint marketing campaigns across your entire ecosystem.


Marketing with Partners is Broken

Planning is extremely painful

Aligning people, process, and data on shared objectives is impossible to scale across partners.

  • Campaigns are mandated top-down, not built collaboratively
  • Complex spreadsheets and competing documents are the norm
  • No visibility into your partners’ changing priorities

Funding is a black box

Navigating multiple financial and budgeting systems is cumbersome and opaque.

  • Discovering and accessing funds is difficult and time consuming
  • Finding the best campaigns to fund is a manual guessing game
  • Funds approval processes are complex, slow, and opaque

Joint Solutions are a Nightmare

Creating joint partner solutions means countless emails, versions, status calls, and complexity

  • Ideas, content, timeliness, and more need to be managed across companies and collaborators
  • Different review/approval workflows required within each participating company
  • Manual processes don’t scale to handle hundreds of joint solution launches each year

Performance is an afterthought

Managing performance with partners has always been secondary to generating activities.

  • Lack of shared tracking of results from multiple companies’ systems
  • Absence of in-flight monitoring and opportunity to course-correct
  • No longitudinal tracking of campaigns across time

Effective Network Partnering is Mission Critical

Businesses are being transformed to make it easy for customers to find, buy and use services. Ecosystems are critical. Ecosystems create customer value at a pace that single companies cannot. Whole industries have become Ecosystems in service to a customer need and yet there is no system of record to coordinate partner activities across companies.
WorkSpan has the solution!
WorkSpan is a Marketing Network for ecosystems. We empower customers to discover, plan, fund, and measure joint marketing campaigns across broad ecosystems on a shared platform to grow their business exponentially.

Intel expands its circle of trust on WorkSpan

“With the WorkSpan Network, 250 Intel & SAP marketers on 5 continents are working together better than ever before.”

Kathy Barboza Director Strategic Software Alliances, Intel

A Marketing Startup Worth A Closer Look

IBRS technology industry analyst Dr. Joe Sweeney reviews WorkSpan

Former VP of Research at Gartner, and current technology industry analyst for IBRS, Dr. Joe Sweeney shares his impressions of WorkSpan after a recent briefing and demonstration. Read his thoughts on why WorkSpan isn’t simply another vendor in the already-crowded “collaboration” category, but instead provides a purpose-driven solution helping marketers jointly plan, fund, and measure campaign performance across companies to more effectively execute joint go-to-market campaigns.

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