Activate the power of your Marketing Network

How do you reach your customers?

Technology transitions are creating new, fast-moving market categories that require a modern go-to-market strategy. More than ever, strategic relationships are a key component in driving growth. Yet most companies don’t engage with their marketing network effectively. See why it’s time to evolve your relationships.

Modern Marketing Requires a Network

Traditional Status Quo

Marketing teams are trapped in organizational silos that limit their visibility, increase coordination needs, and lower trust, resulting in people optimizing for their individual metrics at the expense of larger strategic goals.

Modern Marketing Networks

Marketing teams align on programs and campaigns in an exclusive network of strategic go-to-market and agency relationships that enhance their visibility, engagement and trust, resulting in exponential performance and growth.

Intel expands its circle of trust on WorkSpan

“With the WorkSpan Network, 200 Intel & SAP marketers on 5 continents are working together better than ever before.”

Kathy Barboza Director Strategic Software Alliances, Intel

Learn Best Practices for Planning Your Marketing Campaigns

Getting the most out of your marketing campaign budget and resources is a challenge. Internal and partner collaboration can tie you up in spreadsheet notes and endless email chains. Join us on Wednesday, September 27, 10am PT to learn best practices for building your 2018 marketing campaign calendar.

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