WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition

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The 2024 AWS Cloud Sales Readiness Tour

Be the hero your company needs! Join our AWS cloud co-sell strategy workshop to drive 3x in incremental cloud revenue for your business – coming to a city near you!

Why Attend?

  • Cloud is Your New Path to Becoming a CPO: Master the essential domain of cloud partnerships and become a co-sell champion for your business.
  • Drive Massive Revenue Growth: Showcase undeniable co-sell revenue impact to your C-Suite and evaluate your cloud partnerships with our revenue planning model in a hands-on coaching session.
  • Better Together: Form a winning alliance with AWS and craft an unbeatable Go-to-Market strategy that will maximize your impact.
  • Connect with AWS: Build connections with the AWS team during the happy hour – your ticket to building relationships that will propel your business further.

Don't miss out on this informative workshop designed for trailblazers like you!

WorkSpan secures top spot as the Champion in the prestigious Canalys Global Co-Sell Software Leadership Matrix 2023 report.

Partner Obsessed Companies Run their Partnerships on WorkSpan

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Grow partner-sourced revenue

Automate and streamline your co-sell processes, increase referral volume with partners, accelerate deal cycles, and quickly scale your co-sell revenues.

Get more from your partner ecosystem

Gain market share in new industries or geographies, increase reach into new buying centers, build on partner brand, share development and marketing costs - all to drive more revenue at reduced cost.

Measure ecosystem performance

Performance metrics like Partner Sourced Co-sell Pipeline, partner influenced revenue, win rates, deal velocity with partner assist can be tracked measured and improved.

How it works


Setup WorkSpan

Connects to partner CRM/ portals, marketing platforms, collaboration tools and data sources.


Invite Your Partners

Add, send, and receive co-sell referrals and opportunities with partners.


Manage Co-Sell Pipeline

Manage and track joint opportunities from inside your own CRM.


Grow Your Co-Sell Revenue

Get better ecosystem performance data and insights. Sell more with partners.

WorkSpan is Not Just for Partner Managers. It’s for Ecosystem Teams.

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  • Send/receive co-sell referrals.
  • Collaborate from inside Salesforce / any CRM.
  • Connect your account execs directly with partners’ field teams.
  • Close co-sell deals faster.
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  • Plan joint marketing activities on a single platform.
  • Automate sharing of co-marketing leads.
  • Uniformly distribute leads using Fair Trade algorithm.
  • Connect  marketing team with partners’ marketing team.
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  • Bring next-generation capabilities into the solution.
  • Reduce development time and costs.
  • Bring learning from co-sell deals into future solution roadmap.
  • Deliver marketplace-ready solutions.
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  • Single platform to manage pipeline and partner relationships.
  • End-to-end visibility into field and partner team activities.
  • Resolve issues quickly.
  • Close more deals with partners.
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  • Demonstrate value contribution of partners.
  • Quantify & track results.
  • Build credibility & visibility.
  • Drive ecosystem purpose, mission, values and behaviors.
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  • Single view of all partnering activities. 
  • Real-time partner data and shared pipelines.
  • Operational and performance reports.
  • QBR-ready data and charts.

Meet Our Customers

“We needed a solution that met our data integrity and GDPR requirements. WorkSpan has provided that.”

Margaret Synan

Director Business Strategy, WW SAP on Azure Lead, Microsoft

“WorkSpan is making it easier and faster for us to improve the trackability of multi-partner motions across all the four capabilities - business process, data, access control, and intelligence.”

Akbar Hasan

Senior Director - Co-Sell Acceleration Group, Cisco

“We have over a thousand sales plans on WorkSpan with our partners and 200,000 opportunities and we're leveraging WorkSpan to make sure that there's a common understanding of where we're at and where we're going.”

Marc Rolfe

Senior Vice President - Head of Strategic Partners, SAP

“Putting in WorkSpan to streamline the process has been great. It’s more dynamic, with real time data about the opportunity, such as which partners and solutions are involved.”​

John McAtee

Global Account Manager, VMWare

“With the WorkSpan application to coordinate selling motions across Cisco and ecosystem partner sellers we can push out even more opportunities because we have those insights right now.”

Josè Van Dijk

VP, Operations and Partner Performance at Cisco

Start your partner ecosystem journey with Co-Sell

Do you have any questions?

What is partner co-selling?

Co-selling is a modern partnering process where two or more peer-level partners with complementary offerings come together to provide a holistic solution to more fully address customer needs and work collaboratively to sell together.

What are the benefits of co-selling?

Co-selling with your partners helps you boost your revenue, bring value to your customers, foster customer trust, gain access to unexplored markets, strengthen ecosystem partnerships, increase your brand awareness, reduce channel sales cycles, enhance customer experience, and increase business efficiency.

How is co-selling different from reselling?

Co-selling is entirely different from reselling. In reselling models, partners resell your company’s offerings. However, in a co-selling model, each partner has its own set of solutions or services to sell to the customer that comes together as a whole solution for joint customers. Therefore, active collaboration and an aligned sales process are required between the ecosystem partners’ sales teams in a co-sell motion, whereas in a resell motion, you have minimal or no participation in the sales cycle that your reseller partner leads.

How to pick the right co-sell partners?

You can pick the right co-sell partners by getting clarity on factors like changing market demands, your target market, your and your partners' strengths and weaknesses, your support offerings, and your expectations from your co-sell partners.

What is a shared system of record for partnering?

Companies regularly use disjointed presentations, spreadsheets, emails, etc., to manage co-sell partnerships. For better co-selling motions, organizations should use a shared system of record. This shared system provides accurate, reliable, and comprehensive records of their work and operations to leadership.

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