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WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition

Powering co-sell programs and partnerships at companies like:


Activate and manage your co-sell programs across GSI, ISV, MSP and Reseller partnerships

A comprehensive solution for you to build and manage successful partner ecosystems. With robust capabilities in planning and reporting, program management, co-sell automation, and pipeline management, WorkSpan empowers you to collaborate seamlessly with partners and drive revenue growth.

Whether you’re partnering across diverse partner types like Global System Integrators (GSIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Resellers, or thinking about setting up your own partner programs, WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition has everything you need to take your partnership to the next level.

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Supported CRMS: 

Powering SAP to scale their Global Strategic Service Partners program

"Today, we have over 1000 sales plans on WorkSpan with our partners. We have 200,000 opportunities. We’re really leveraging WorkSpan to make sure that there’s a common understanding of where we’re at and where we’re going."

Marc Rolfe
Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Partners

Empowering Cisco to have better control over multi-partner motions

“WorkSpan is making it easier and faster for us to improve the trackability of multi-partner motions across all the four capabilities - business process, data, access control, and intelligence.”

Akbar Hasan
Senior Director, Co-Sell Acceleration Group

Helping Wipro drive deeper engagement with partners

“We're really looking at the relationship with WorkSpan as a way for Wipro to make our biggest asset, which is our employees more available to our partners, and our customers. And then we're also really looking forward to insights.”

Andi Rose
Director Global Strategic Initiatives

“Like growing revenue from your diverse partnerships.”

WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition is a unified platform for partners to align on joint plans, manage programs, automate collaboration processes, and optimize co-sell pipelines. It facilitates meaningful partnerships and fosters mutual success across the partner ecosystem.

Ensure successful outcomes from partnership with strategic planning & reporting.

Create winning co-sell strategies through joint partner and business plans
Collaborate with partners on joint plans. Align on goals, target accounts, and activities to define partnership outcomes.
Build custom reports to gain complete visibility into your co-sell business
Get complete visibility into co-sell pipeline, get live referral & pipeline tracking and attribution to measure partner contribution.

Manage co-sell pipeline with partners

from inside your favorite CRM

Complete co-sell self-service within your CRM
Seamlessly create referrals from inside your CRM and link to co-sell opportunities with partners.
Engage seamlessly with sellers across partners
Exchange deal notes, document next steps, notify partners for deeper engagement. Progress opportunities with a sync to your partner’s CRM.
Single-source to manage all your co-sell deals
View all incoming and outgoing referrals and opportunities inside your CRM. Use WorkSpan as your everyday window to co-sell business.

Always stay in control. Track co-sell performance with interactive dashboards

Monitor and track partner performance seamlessly. Utilize comprehensive dashboards to gain real-time insights into partner activities, performance metrics, and key success indicators.

Program Revenue by Partner YTD

Partner Pipeline Cont. (Vol)

Partner Pipeline Cont. (Val)

Total Partnership Impact

Total Program Revenue (YTD)
Total Program Revenue (QTD)
Win Rate (YTD)
Win Rate (QTD)

Co-Sell Partner Program Dashboard


Referral Pipeline
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Higher Win


Co-Sell Pipeline


Rated Co-sell
Platform by Canalys

Canalys Co-Sell Leadership Matrix
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Powered by WorkSpan Co-sell Automation

WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition streamlines co-sell collaboration through seamless CRM integration for always in sync, custom referral triggers, and universal adaptor. By ensuring data synchronization, enhancing security, and facilitating automated workflows, the platform accelerates collaboration between partners, leading to increased efficiency and growth.

Automation + customization

Design your cloud partnership to fit into your GTM. Not the other way around.

Conditional triggers let you define your partner-specific co-selling process, with variants for multi-cloud partnerships, and the ability to define segment, region, or solution-specific business logic.

Data entry is not building a partnership.

Set up fully customized routines to auto-create, update and submit opportunity referrals. Define automated or hybrid inbound referral routing and approval flows.

Virtual data & sales model

Skip making changes to your opportunity object.
Pull referral values from across your partner’s CRM.

WorkSpan’s virtual data model is like AI powered superglue, extending your existing data and sales model to support referral and offer creation across your partner systems. Minimizing data dependencies and IT delays gets your co-sell program running faster and keeps it running smoother.

Create live formulas, dynamic values, and selective update logic for co-sell referrals.

Every partner requires different inputs to co-sell and create and progress opportunities.

Close the quarter with confidence

Leverage the power of secure and connected partner systems for a reliable co-sell motion.

Benefit from one-time CRM integration, secure authorization & identity management, and precise object, field, role-based security.

Execute co-sell operations with a higher level of efficiency.

Elevate efficiency, enhance security, and accelerate growth in your co-sell partnerships.

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Scale Your Partner Ecosystem with WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition

WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition can help you optimize your co-sell strategy, enhance collaboration, and drive revenue growth across all partner types, including GSIs, ISVs, MSPs, and Channel Partners.

Explore our e-books and other resources to learn more about how WorkSpan can help you scale your partnerships and achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition?

WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and enhance co-selling and partner collaboration. It enables organizations to efficiently manage and scale their partner programs, track partner performance, and drive revenue growth through strategic partnerships.

How does WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition benefit my organization?

WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition provides several key benefits:

- Improved collaboration with partners.

- Streamlined co-sell processes.

- Enhanced visibility and tracking of partner performance.

- Increased efficiency through automation.

- Accelerated revenue growth with strategic partner management.

What types of partners can WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition support?

WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition supports a wide range of partner types, including Global System Integrators (GSIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Channel Partners/Resellers.

How does WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition integrate with our existing systems?

WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Hubspot and MS Dynamics, as well as other business intelligence tools like Tableau and Power BI, ensuring synchronized data and streamlined operations.

Can WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition help with partner performance tracking?

Yes, WorkSpan Ecosystem Edition includes robust performance tracking capabilities. It allows you to monitor and track partner performance with dashboards, providing real-time data to assess engagement and impact.

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