Hyperscaler Edition

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Complete Cloud Sales

Marketplace listings, private offer management, and co-sell automation to scale your cloud sales partnerships.

Average Referral Ratio

90% of WorkSpan customers receive one referral opportunity for every two shared.
Results will vary.

Full Listing Ownership

Maintain complete ownership of your cloud marketplace listings.


Have transactable marketplace listings up in time to drive in-quarter revenue.

Join the largest B2B Co-Sell Network

Connect to your cloud partner through the WorkSpan network and enable co-sell with multiple partners

Are you

Cloud Sales Ready?

Have you made the case to integrate cloud sales into your go-to-market?

A complete approach to Cloud Sales

WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition helps companies scale their AWS, Google and Microsoft cloud sales.
Marketplace listings, private offer management, and co-sell automation are all tightly integrated parts of an effective cloud sales plan.

WorkSpan HyperScaler Edition

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Native CRM Workflow

Seamlessly integrate your cloud sales processes into your CRM workflow. Save your time for building your hyperscaler program and helping close more deals.

Fully-Automated Referral Flows

Scale drives scale, and co-sell automation is the engine that powers revenue-producing partnerships. Define business logic and triggers to refer opportunities to cloud partners with automated opportunity mapping and validation. Capture inbound referrals and keep your CRM synced without lifting a finger.

Accelerate Revenue Impact

Plan and execute your hyperscaler program to unblock deals this quarter and improve future win rates, grow referral pipeline, and engage the market with your cloud partner

The integrated approach drives better results, faster.

By embedding transactable private offers and automated opportunity referral management directly into your CRM, WorkSpan scales your cloud partnership from opportunistic to strategic engagement.

This complete approach to cloud sales consistently drives dramatic results.

Co-sell Pipeline Under Management
Hyperscaler Referrals
Average Referral Ratio
1 Global co-sell pipeline under management on the WorkSpan network
2 Top 90% of WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition customers- results may vary

Launch in 3 weeks

WorkSpan cloud specialists can have your transactable listing up and running In as little as 3 weeks.
Get started today.

WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition by cloud provider

WorkSpan partners closely with cloud providers to provide everything you need to scale your cloud sales motion.

Whether you're growing your cloud sales with multiple partners or starting with just one, WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition can meet you where you are and grow with you.

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