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Deepwatch’s Meteoric Rise: Rapid Acceleration to the Top 5 for AWS ISV Pipeline using WorkSpan

Deepwatch is a leading managed security platform for the cyber resilient enterprise. Their services aim to unify a company's cybersecurity program on a single platform, ensuring high fidelity-low volume alerting, precision response and improved security posture.

30 day
Reduction in average sales cycles
Reduction in manual effort of sharing leads with cloud partners
Increase in deal volume with cloud partners
Use Case
WorkSpan Co-Sell App for AWS
Computer and Network Security
Company size
30 day
Reduction in average sales cycles
Reduction in manual effort of sharing leads with cloud partners
Increase in deal volume with cloud partners
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About Deepwatch

Deepwatch is a leading managed security platform for the cyber resilient enterprise. Their services aim to unify a company's cybersecurity program on a single platform, ensuring high fidelity-low volume alerting, precision response and improved security posture.

Deepwatch serves a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to mid-sized enterprises, and has several notable customers including Genuine Parts Company and Cinemark Theatres.

Challenges Faced by Deepwatch

Brett Fountain, Head of Alliances at Deepwatch had partnered with AWS before and knew some of the challenges that faced him when being tasked with driving revenue through the AWS ecosystem at Deepwatch.

He understood that success in the AWS ecosystem goes beyond data processing; it requires a well-thought-out strategy and efficient execution. Managing AWS opportunities, leveraging incentive programs, and gaining visibility into AWS operations demanded more than manual effort. 

Historically, Brett had navigated the complexities of AWS through headcount, and plenty of manual effort.

When starting at Deepwatch, he knew that speed to value was important, and quickly realized he needed a solution that would minimize the manual work and increase the likelihood of success in partnering with AWS.

Historically, we had limited options and relied heavily on manual efforts. With over 7 team members managing the AWS ACE marketplace, it was labor-intensive.
Brett Fountain, Head of Alliances, Deepwatch

How WorkSpan’s Co-Sell Application Helped Deepwatch

The WorkSpan Co-Sell App for AWS helped Deepwatch get a unified application that simplified the co-selling process, enabling seamless lead sharing, opportunity tracking, and collaboration with AWS. 

The app brought together data from their Salesforce CRM and AWS ACE, allowing for real-time visibility into deals entered and managed by all the partners and getting updates on lead progression and sales activities. 

This helped reduce the manual effort, eliminated duplication of tasks and ensured accurate and up-to-date information for the entire team. 

The WorkSpan Co-Sell App facilitated faster decision-making, improved coordination, and enhanced overall sales efficiency.

Early Adoption of WorkSpan

Deepwatch's early adoption of WorkSpan played a pivotal role in their journey. Recognizing the need to go all in and establish a strong presence within the AWS ecosystem, they leveraged WorkSpan's capabilities to accelerate their operations. This early adoption allowed them to gain AWS credits and build a strong partnership foundation, setting them on a path to success.

WorkSpan integrated seamlessly with AWS ACE and their Salesforce instance, enabling two-way data sharing and enhanced automation. As a result, Deepwatch could more effectively manage and amplify its co-sell activities with AWS.

They were able to drive the following as a result:

Reduced Manual effort

The collaboration with WorkSpan revolutionized their workflow. The co-sell automation from WorkSpan saved half the day for Brett's team.

Thanks to WorkSpan, Deepwatch efficiently scaled its strategy, which was pivotal for its swift growth within the AWS ecosystem. The platform made it feasible to manage and validate hundreds to thousands of opportunities with AWS and monitor marketing initiatives. This automation not only saved time but also optimized resource allocation, becoming a cornerstone of their success.

With WorkSpan's platform, Deepwatch can automatically import and submit opportunities directly to AWS ACE from their CRM. This has expedited submissions, streamlined deal updates, and introduced an effective tracking mechanism.

“We get 50% of our day back, by not managing AWS ACE on a day-to-day basis. Half of that time can now be devoted to fostering relationships within the AWS ecosystem.”
Brett Fountain, Head of Alliances, Deepwatch

Increase in Co-Sell pipeline

The second challenge that Deepwatch faced was time to value and the need to accelerate Deepwatch's co-sell motion with AWS.

With WorkSpan, the time Brett and team save through WorkSpans robust integration with AWS ACE has meant that value was seen by the business in a period of 3-6 months.

The upshot of this is that Deepwatch is now number two in the overall co-sell ISV pipeline globally with AWS today, managing hundreds of thousands of opportunities at any given time.

Deepwatch ranks second in the global ISV pipeline with AWS, and WorkSpan played a central role in achieving this. It offers the capability to efficiently scale and manage hundreds of thousands of opportunities with precision.
Brett Fountain, Head of Alliances, Deepwatch

Establishing a stronger relationship with AWS

The additional difficulty brought about through the time-consuming activities that were commonplace before WorkSpan, was the lack of time left over to develop relationships with key stakeholders within the AWS ecosystem.

The removal of these manual tasks has helped Brett and the team focus more on these relationships.

As a result, they are viewed as an important partner to AWS, being asked to co-market extensively and gaining visibility across the ecosystem.

Due to the removal of many time-consuming activities that occurred prior to WorkSpan being implemented the Deepwatch team has increased their day-to-day activities with AWS by up to 1,000%.

Estimating conservatively, we've seen a 1,000% surge in our daily interactions with AWS, particularly in exclusive invitations tailored for Deepwatch. This strengthened AWS relationship has directly contributed to several hundred thousand dollars in marketing value
Brett Fountain, Head of Alliances, Deepwatch

Simplified partnering motion

The additional challenge which was not only an issue for Deepwatch, but is also common for many navigating the AWS ecosystem is the complexity of the partnership motion.

Deepwatch understood this complexity and as a result wanted to remove the things that typically took up time, and allowed them to instead navigate the other parts of the AWS partnership.

“Understanding ACE and its implementation strategy isn't just about written instructions. While AWS provides the guidelines, executing them is a distinct challenge. Platforms like WorkSpan are instrumental in accelerating and facilitating this process” says Brett.

With WorkSpan's assistance, Deepwatch rapidly increased revenue with AWS. This success allowed them to triple his team size.

Without WorkSpan’s support, I'd constantly grapple with ACE and its frequent changes. But with WorkSpan in place, my team has expanded significantly this year. This growth signifies our effective strategies, with tools like WorkSpan playing a pivotal role in our's like Superman's cape for my team
Brett Fountain, Head of Alliances, Deepwatch

Deepwatch's partnership with AWS yielded remarkable results. They transitioned from being an unknown player to the second-largest in pipeline as an ISV partner globally.

The scale and efficiency achieved with WorkSpan allowed them to maintain transparent pipelines and effectively execute their strategy. This success translated into invitations to exclusive AWS campaigns and high-impact events, such as the AWS Reinvent launch party, where Deepwatch's name was prominently featured.

As they continue their growth and expansion into new markets, Deepwatch's partnership with WorkSpan remains a critical element of their strategy for the future.

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