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Up to $20K in incentives for AWS partners. Request Details

More deals close on cloud marketplaces every year.

Listing on cloud marketplaces makes it easier for businesses to buy from you and incentivizes your cloud partners to help you close more deals.

Close more deals using existing cloud budgets

Grow your cloud partnership by co-selling on key deals

Reduce friction at any buying point in the customer lifecycle

WorkSpan can help align your engineering, partner, and marketing teams to get your listings up and running in a couple of weeks.

Turnkey service for unlimited usage marketplace listings.No strings attached.

Total First Year Cost
Includes one time, $2k setup

Marketplace Listing Quote

Transactable Listings
Metered Billing Listings
Migrate your listings from alternate providers  with:
100% data retention
Minimal / no downtime
Live in 2-4 weeks*
One-time Setup Fees
Total Listings
Annual Cost Breakdown
Private Offer Listings
Metered Listings
Total Annual Contract
Total First Year Cost
Includes unlimited listing maintenance, change requests, and live deal support.
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Marketplace Listing Process

Full service, optimized process to launch or migrate marketplace listings.

Requirements Gathering
30 Minute Consultation

A cloud sales consultant will talk through your requirements and supply you with a checklist of everything you’ll need to create and launch your listings.

Parties confirm the quote and send a contract for signature.

~2-4 Weeks*
60 Minute Kick-off

Upon completion of the pre-work, all stakeholders meet for a kick-off to outline the marketplace listing program objectives, listing process, and identify process owners .

WorkSpan drives timely follow through on best practices for:

  • Packaging
  • Merchandizing
  • Integration
  • Migrating 100% historic and live deal data (if applicable)
  • Testing and launching your new marketplace listings

Listing workstreams are optimized to run in parallel for the fastest possible launch.

Launch Live Listings
Go- Live

Fully transactable listings deployed & ready for business on your selected cloud marketplaces

Ongoing Support
Ongoing technical and operational support

Keep your listings active with API maintenance and issue resolution. Timely support for content updates on marketplace listings.

Why list on Cloud Marketplaces?

Listing on cloud marketplaces connects your business to a thriving digital market on pace to clear $45B in transactions in 2024.
Transacting business though your cloud listing aligns incentives for your cloud partners to co-sell and  help grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marketplace Listing Service in WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition?

The Marketplace Listing Service in WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition is designed to simplify and accelerate the launch of your transactable offers on cloud marketplaces like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. It helps manage the entire process, from content preparation and API integration to end-to-end testing and post-launch support.

How does WorkSpan help in preparing marketplace content?

WorkSpan provides in-depth knowledge of marketplace requirements and best practice methodologies. Our team assists you in preparing all necessary content, ensuring it meets marketplace standards and is optimized for visibility and sales.

Can WorkSpan handle the entire listing process from start to finish?

Yes, WorkSpan manages the entire listing process, including preparing content, developing and implementing API integrations, conducting end-to-end testing, and providing ongoing support after the listing goes live.

How does WorkSpan accelerate the time-to-market for marketplace listings?

By leveraging our expertise and best-practice methodologies, WorkSpan significantly reduces the time required to launch listings on cloud marketplaces. This allows you to go live in weeks instead of months, minimizing the resources and effort required from your team.

Who owns the marketplace listings created with WorkSpan's service?

You retain full ownership and control over your marketplace listings. WorkSpan provides the support and tools needed to create and manage these listings, but the ownership remains with you.

WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition

A marketplace listing on its own will open many of the benefits of cloud partnership, but you'll need to manually manage the processes to leverage them.

If you plan to grow your cloud partnership, WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition gives you everything you need to get started, drive field adoption for your programs, and scale a successful partnership.

1 free marketplace listing with annual contract

Want to talk Cloud Partnerships?

WorkSpan powers hundreds of cloud partnerships, including many of AWS, Google, and Microsoft's top partners and startups of the year. Wherever you are in your cloud partnership journey, we're here to help however we can.