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Ecosystem Intelligence

Ecosystem Intelligenceon WorkSpan “QBR-ready” Reports in Real-Time WorkSpan Multi-Party Reporting EcosystemIntelligenceon WorkSpan QBR-ready reports in real-time Dynamic reports based on program participation and data access

Ecosystem Access Control

Ecosystem Access Controlon WorkSpan Partner with Confidence andReduce Risk WorkSpan Attribute-Based Access Control EcosystemAccess Controlon WorkSpan Extend your security policy to your ecosystem edge Field-level

Ecosystem Data Hub

Ecosystem Data Hubon WorkSpan Build One Integration to Securely Exchange Data with Unlimited Partners WorkSpan Multi-Source Integrations EcosystemData Hubon WorkSpan One CRM integration feeds to

Ecosystem Business Process

Ecosystem Business Processon WorkSpan Break Down Partnering Workflow Silos WorkSpan Shared Workflow Company-Configured Actions EcosystemBusiness Processon WorkSpan Cross-company workflows with company defined steps, actions, states,

Multi-Party Ecosystem

Multi-Party Ecosystemson WorkSpan All Partners Participate as Peers onOne Network WorkSpan Multi-Company Single Network Multi-PartyEcosystemson WorkSpan Login once to access all companies and programs Securely

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