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We are the #1 Ecosystem Business Management Platform

Our mission is to be the world’s trusted platform for connecting ecosystem businesses with trusted partners to create value and abundance together.

WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud provides a trusted network for multi-way partnering. Use our applications to securely manage joint sales, joint marketing, and joint solutions with your partners. Report with confidence across your ecosystem metrics.

Company Background

WorkSpan is the brainchild of Mayank, Amit & Milind. Mayank and Amit went to undergraduate school together at IIT Bombay (1995–1999), and then they took similar but different career paths. Mayank went to Stanford for his Ph.D. and Amit to Berkeley for further studies.

Upon graduation, Mayank ventured into creating a company from scratch (Aster Data in 2004), and Amit went to work at a $100B company (SAP in 2004). And that is where Mayank met Milind, who lead the engineering team at Aster Data.

In 2014, Mayank & Amit met for tea in Palo Alto and discussed how modern marketing is a lot more than “direct-to-user” marketing. They discovered that even companies want to work and collaborate together; there is no simpler way of doing so. They went on the journey to research “Why” it was so painful.

They spoke with marketing leaders at over 75 companies and heard anecdotes about successful and unsuccessful projects and missed opportunities. They built a library of those anecdotes, analyzed patterns and went back with questions. And then, the idea of WorkSpan crystallized in their minds, and the rest is history.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is an amalgamation of industry expertise, grit, tenacity, and humility.

WorkSpan Careers

Great products start with great people. At WorkSpan we believe nurturing and investing in our employees to foster growth and personal development. Want to learn more about open roles and discover your next challenge?

WorkSpan Community

WorkSpan Community is the place where alliance professionals collaborate and share their expertise. You can grow your network, build your reputation and establish thought leadership within the Ecosystem Community.

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