Advanced Program Operations Services

The WorkSpan Advanced Program Operations Services is an enterprise level offering designed for supporting the improvement of organizational efficiency and accelerated adoption for the long-term success of our customers and their partners.

Advanced Program Operations are fixed hours that a customer can buy on a recurring basis. The number of hours purchased will be stated in your order form. This is a recurring service that the client will need to renew on an annual basis. These hours can be used for the following:

Data Operations

  • Manage Membership Policy across deployment
  • Manage Data Model of the deployment / Modify Fund Request Template (MDF Specific)
  • Manage Metrics and Product Views
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage Data Loads / Create new programs (MDF specific)
  • Extend data model to include new fields or update existing fields
  • Manage Integrations
  • Claim Submissions on Customer or Partner Behalf (MDF specific)


  • Deliver Persona based training content for the customer to onboard Partners
  • Maintain enablement material as new features and versions are launched

Project Assumptions

The following assumptions are built based on information provided by the client related to business requirements, current business systems and processes as gathered in the sales cycle. 

  1. Client participation is critical for the success of the project. The WorkSpan Services team and the Client project team will jointly manage this project.
  2. Client will ensure IT resources required for this project will be accessible as needed  throughout the course of the project engagement.
  3. Clients will ensure subject matter experts are available when needed for providing specific details on outcomes, metrics, and processes.
  4. All change requests post Go-Live will follow a change control procedure. All project change requests must be submitted, scoped and processed through the change control procedure and executed by both parties before being undertaken by the project team.
  5. Any scope changes or non-availability of client resources or environments may result in project delays, increased project costs.
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