Streamlined Data Management with the New Bulk Archiving Feature in WorkSpan

September 15, 2023
Users can now archive multiple objects in one go using predefined bulk actions.

Streamlined Data Management with the New Bulk Archiving Feature in WorkSpan.

The "Bulk Archiving" feature enables users, such as sales administrators, partner managers, operation managers or data stewards, to archive multiple objects in one go using predefined bulk actions. The objects that can be archived include various entities within the WorkSpan Co-Sell App, such as Opportunities, Activities, or any other data that is no longer needed or considered active.

With this enhancement, users can perform bulk archiving to clean up and organize the platform's data. They can choose to archive duplicate objects or those that are not currently active, thereby decluttering the workspace and ensuring that the data remains relevant and accurate.

Click on the “Active Opportunities” option and choose “Archived Opportunities” to view archived opportunities.

Let's consider a scenario where Company X and Company Y are collaborating on multiple opportunities and projects as part of their co-selling partnership. Over time, the co-selling platform accumulates a significant amount of data, including duplicate opportunities, completed and obsolete activities. This data can become overwhelming and make it difficult for users to focus on active and relevant information.

Here's how the "Bulk Archiving" feature can be beneficial in this context:

  1. Data Clean-Up and Organization: Sales administrators can use the "Bulk Archiving" feature to identify and archive duplicate opportunities. By archiving redundant data, they streamline the workspace, reducing clutter and enhancing data organization.
  1. Inactive Activities Management: Channel managers can identify activities that have been completed or are no longer active. By archiving these inactive objects, they create a clear and focused view of ongoing opportunities and activities, making it easier to manage and prioritize current co-selling initiatives.
  1. Platform Efficiency: Archiving multiple objects at once using bulk actions ensures that the co-selling platform maintains optimal performance and responsiveness. Removing unnecessary data reduces the platform's load and improves user experience for all stakeholders.
  1. Data Accuracy and Relevance: By regularly archiving obsolete or irrelevant objects, users can ensure that the data presented in the platform remains accurate and up-to-date. This is crucial for making informed decisions and setting strategic co-selling priorities.
  1. Risk Reduction: Bulk archiving helps mitigate the risk of working with outdated or duplicate information. Keeping the platform free from unnecessary data minimizes the chance of acting on incorrect or outdated data, leading to better decision-making and smoother co-selling operations.

The "Bulk Archiving" feature in the WorkSpan Co-Sell App is a valuable tool for managing and organizing data efficiently. By allowing users to archive multiple objects in bulk, the feature ensures data accuracy, improves platform performance, and reduces clutter, making it easier for co-selling teams to focus on active and relevant information. This capability enhances the overall co-selling experience, streamlines decision-making, and fosters successful collaboration between partner companies.

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