Customize WorkSpan Home Page with Your Favorite Ecosystem Performance Charts

September 14, 2023
Users can now pin their favorite charts on Home Page to enhance their experience and personalize it with essential charts and visualizations.

Customize WorkSpan Home Page with Your Favorite Ecosystem Performance Charts

The WorkSpan Co-Sell App enables businesses to collaborate and drive joint selling efforts with partner companies. It facilitates partner engagement, deal tracking, and performance analysis to achieve shared sales objectives. The "Pinning charts on Home Page" is a new feature introduced to enhance the user experience by allowing users to personalize their Home Page with essential charts and visualizations.

WorkSpan now allows admin users to pin their favorite charts on the home page for themselves and for all their company users who have access to those charts. This feature empowers users, such as partner sales managers, partner executives, or partner operation managers to select and pin specific charts and visualizations on their personalized Home Page. The Home Page serves as the central hub where users access critical information and insights related to their co-selling activities and partnerships.

With this feature, admin users can now customize Home Page by pinning charts that matter the most to their co-selling strategies and goals. These charts may include various performance metrics, graphical representations of sales data, pipeline sourced by partners, pipeline progress, partner engagement trends, revenue growth, or any other key indicators relevant to their joint selling initiatives.

Benefits and Impact:

  1. Personalized Insights: By pinning charts on the Home Page, users can quickly view the most relevant and up-to-date visualizations tailored to their roles and responsibilities. This personalization ensures that they have immediate access to the data that matters most to them.
  1. Efficient Decision-Making: Having essential charts readily available on the Home Page streamlines decision-making processes. Users can analyze data and trends at a glance, making informed choices without the need to navigate through multiple pages or generate custom reports.
  1. Real-Time Performance Tracking: Pinned charts provide real-time insights into co-selling performance and progress. Users can monitor key metrics regularly, enabling them to identify potential issues early on and take proactive measures to improve outcomes.
  1. Alignment and Collaboration: When team members and stakeholders have a shared Home Page with pinned charts, it promotes alignment and collaboration. Everyone involved in co-selling efforts can access the same data, fostering better communication and teamwork.
  1. Visual Communication: Charts and visualizations often make complex data easier to understand and interpret. By pinning these visual aids on the Home Page, users can communicate performance and progress effectively, both internally and with their partner companies.
  1. Focus on Business Objectives: Users can prioritize the charts they pin based on their business objectives and co-selling strategies. This ensures that the Home Page becomes a powerful tool for tracking progress towards specific goals and targets.

With this feature, the WorkSpan Co-Sell App enhances the co-selling experience by providing users with a personalized and data-driven Home Page. By enabling users to pin essential charts and visualizations, the feature streamlines decision-making, promotes collaboration, and empowers users to focus on the metrics most critical to achieving co-selling success. The result is a more efficient and effective co-selling process, helping businesses drive joint sales efforts and achieve shared growth with their partner companies.

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