Custom Table Views with Conditional Filtering

September 14, 2023
Users can create custom views of data from the Table View by applying conditional operators.

Custom Table Views with Conditional Filtering.

The create views from Table Views feature empowers users, such as sales representatives, partner managers, or partner executives, to create custom views of data from the Table View by applying conditional operators. The Table View provides a comprehensive list or summary of opportunities, deals, or projects in a tabular format.

With this enhancement, users can apply different filters using conditional operators such as "Equal to," "Not equal to," "In," and other criteria while creating a new view for the Table View. By doing so, they can extract specific subsets of data that meet the defined criteria, allowing them to focus on and take action on relevant information.

Let's consider a scenario where Company A and Company B have formed a co-selling partnership to target the manufacturing industry. They are collaborating on multiple opportunities and deals to provide comprehensive solutions to various manufacturing clients. Both companies are using the WorkSpan Co-Sell App to manage their co-selling efforts.

Here's how the “Create Views from Table Views" feature can be beneficial in this context:

  1. Customized Opportunity Views: Sales representatives from Company A may want to create a specific view that only shows opportunities within a certain region or those with a high value. Using the “Create Views” feature, they can apply filters such as "Region = Europe" or "Value > $1 million" to extract a subset of data that aligns with their sales focus.
  1. Targeted Account Management: Partner managers from Company B may want to focus on opportunities associated with key accounts or specific industry sectors. By creating a view with filters like "Account Type = Strategic" or "Industry = Automotive," they can efficiently manage opportunities related to those target segments.
  1. Deal Progress Tracking: Partner executives from both companies may want to monitor the progress of opportunities at different stages of the sales process. By creating views with conditional operators such as "Stage = Negotiation" or "Stage not equal to Closed-Won," they can easily track deals at critical stages and take appropriate actions to drive them to closure.
  1. Efficient Decision-Making: With customized views based on specific criteria, users can make more informed decisions about resource allocation, priority setting, and overall co-selling strategy. This enhances efficiency and ensures that efforts are directed where they can yield the greatest impact.
  1. Enhanced Collaboration: The ability to create custom views with filtered data allows teams from both companies to collaborate effectively. By sharing views with relevant information, stakeholders can align their efforts, communicate transparently, and work together towards common co-selling goals.

The "Create Views from Table Views" feature in the WorkSpan Co-Sell App empowers users with the flexibility to extract and filter subsets of data based on defined criteria. By creating customized views, co-selling teams can efficiently manage opportunities, target their efforts, and make well-informed decisions to drive joint sales success. This capability strengthens collaboration and optimizes co-selling strategies, ultimately leading to improved performance and growth for partner companies involved.

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