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Customized Data Views with Section-Based Filtering

September 15, 2023

The section-based filtering feature empowers users, such as sales representatives, channel managers, or partner executives, to select and display data from related objects in the Table View.

Customized Data Views with Section-Based Filtering.

The section-based filtering feature empowers users, such as sales representatives, channel managers, or partner executives, to select and display data from related objects in the Table View. In the WorkSpan Co-Sell App, different sections are associated with each opportunity or deal, containing specific information related to milestones, deliverables, activities, or other pertinent details.

With this enhancement, users can now access and include section list fields in the column selectors of the Table View. By doing so, they can choose to display information from these related sections, making it easier to understand the overall status and progress of the opportunities or deals.

Let's consider a scenario where Company X and Company Y have formed a co-selling alliance to target the healthcare industry. They are collaborating on a joint opportunity to provide a comprehensive healthcare solution to a potential client. Both companies are using the WorkSpan Co-Sell App to manage and monitor this opportunity.

Here's how the section-based filtering feature can be beneficial in this context:

  1. Customizing the Table View: Sales managers and executives from both companies can customize the Table View to display relevant information for the healthcare opportunity. By selecting the "Milestones and Deliverables" section in the column selectors, they can choose to show specific fields related to project milestones, key deliverables, and important activities.
  1. Focus on Key Progress Indicators: With the section-based filtering feature, the co-selling teams can focus on critical progress indicators, such as milestone achievements and deliverable completions. This allows them to track the implementation of the healthcare solution and ensure that all necessary tasks are on track.
  1. Efficient Communication and Collaboration: By displaying related data from sections like "Milestones and Deliverables," all stakeholders can access a comprehensive overview of the opportunity's progress. This streamlines communication and collaboration between the two partner companies, as everyone has access to the same relevant information.
  1. Alignment with Client Needs: The ability to customize the Table View based on sections ensures that the co-selling teams can align their approach with the client's specific requirements. They can tailor their discussions and engagements to address the client's needs effectively.
  1. Improved Decision-Making: With a more focused and detailed view of relevant data, sales managers and executives can make informed decisions about resource allocation, risk management, and overall strategy for the opportunity.

The section-based filtering feature in the WorkSpan Co-Sell App enhances data visibility and customization options in the Table View. By allowing users to select and display information from related sections, the feature provides a comprehensive overview of opportunities or deals, streamlines collaboration, and empowers decision-making based on specific business requirements. This capability further strengthens co-selling partnerships and facilitates successful joint sales efforts between partner companies.

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