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Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Today, I am delighted to announce the launch of our new integration marketplace, “WorkSpan Integration Network.” With the launch of this marketplace, we have reached another milestone in our mission to be the world’s trusted ecosystem network, connecting businesses with trusted partners to create value and abundance together.

WorkSpan’s goal has always been to connect you and your ecosystem partners to operationalize and scale your partnering motions across the full ecosystem flywheel from building joint solutions together, bringing those solutions to market, co-selling with your ecosystem partners, and investing back in those relationships by managing co-investment and incentives across companies. 

As a part of that mission, we have already built many robust API-based integrations working with our current customers and partners to connect partner business systems for a myriad of use cases. With the WorkSpan Integration Network, we now have a public marketplace presenting those robust integrations already in place, showcasing new integrations that are on the horizon, and providing ways to ask for new integrations we haven’t yet deployed.

The WorkSpan Integration Network is truly a game-changer for partner ecosystems. Ecosystems-focused integrations have the power to improve your partnering business in remarkable ways. These integrations give you unbound access to capabilities and functionalities to help grow revenue from your partner ecosystem. 

Integrations help grow your bottom line in many ways: 

  1. Increase joint sales by enabling deeper collaboration and engagement among partners on leads and opportunities. 
  2. Enable seamless data sharing and consolidation to provide a single source of truth that partners can leverage to track and measure ecosystem performance.
  3. Remove employee and partner frustrations due to manual processes. 
  4. Provide visibility in real-time across ecosystem functions, systems, processes, workflows, and teams. 
  5. Make ecosystem operations cost-effective across business processes by automating and streamlining for efficiency.

WorkSpan integrations fall into three main categories providing the most value possible for our customers with specific business needs:

  • Business Integrations – These are integrations that are already pre-defined, pre-integrated, and have sophisticated business rules already in place that are provided to customers immediately upon adoption. Examples of Business Integrations include full pre-integration to Microsoft Partner Center and AWS ACE Pipeline.
  • Integration Clusters – These are pre-defined integrations that provide end-to-end data flows and include several complementary integrations. Examples include Microsoft Partner Center to our Salesforce embedded application or AWS ACE to our Salesforce application embedded.
  • API Integrations – These are SaaS API integrations that are available to connect to other business solutions like CRM, marketing automation, collaborative tools, and others with configurable options based on use case.

So go ahead and explore the WorkSpan Integration Network and build your technology stack to manage your partner ecosystem for growth, scale, and mutual success.

Happy Partnering!

Amit Sinha
Amit has a passion for all facets of marketing, user experience, and technology. Prior to WorkSpan, Amit spent over a decade at SAP, where he held various marketing leadership roles. As SVP of Marketing for SAP HANA Platform and Applications, he was responsible for bringing the technology to market. He has an MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, and B.Tech from IIT Bombay.

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