Co-Sell Value Workshop

Unlock your co-selling potential with WorkSpan. The Co-Sell Value Workshop will help you identify challenges and offer solutions for optimal co-selling with partners.

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The 2024 AWS Cloud Sales Readiness Tour

Be the hero your company needs! Join our AWS cloud strategy workshop to drive $10M+ in incremental cloud revenue for your business – coming to a city near you!

Why Attend?

  • Cloud is Your New Path to Becoming a CPO: Master the essential domain of cloud partnerships and become a champion for your business.
  • Drive Massive Revenue Growth: Showcase undeniable revenue impact to your C-Suite and evaluate your cloud partnerships with our revenue planning model in a hands-on coaching session.
  • Better Together: Form a winning alliance with AWS and craft an unbeatable Go-to-Market strategy that will maximize your impact.
  • Connect with AWS: Build connections with the AWS team during the happy hour – your ticket to building relationships that will propel your business further.

Don't miss out on this informative workshop designed for trailblazers like you!


Partner Misalignment, Low Volume of Referrals, Weak Partner Engagement Leading to Lower Ecosystem Revenue and Growth

Partner ecosystems are stagnating due to lower partner contribution, engagement and shared opportunities.

Misaligned Partner Strategies and Actions

Lack of joint planning and identification of co-sell opportunities, accounts and markets. Low visibility into partner activities to progress and close deals.

Complexities and Manual Processes

Difficulty in managing multiple partners, products, services, roles, and manual processes slowing down partnering progress and growth.

Lack of Co-Selling Measurement

No clear way to measure performance, ecosystem metrics, partner engagement, and quantify  partner contributed revenue to understand the true impact of co-selling.


Co-Sell Value Workshop

Evaluate where your organization stands on the journey to becoming a world-class ecosystem-led business.

Function Gap and Value Assessment

Find how you score compared to industry baselines on key ecosystem business function capabilities like processes, pipeline management, collaboration, self-service, automation, tracking and reporting. 

Expert Guidance and Roadmap

Identify where your organization wants to be on key ecosystem metrics. Engage with experts from WorkSpan to develop a business case for building a robust co-selling motion within your partner ecosystem.

Explore Co-Sell Solution & ROI 

Explore how solutions like WorkSpan can help you engage with partners on deals, exchange co-sell referrals, manage shared pipelines, and track ecosystem performance at scale.

Workshop Agenda

  • Identify co-selling challenges and opportunities.
  • Co-Sell business function gap and value assessment.
  • WorkSpan Co-Sell overview.
  • Use-case walkthrough.
  • Define your Co-Sell roadmap. 
  • Identify next steps.

Who Should Participate?

Organizations participating in other ecosystems, and  want to kickstart and grow co-selling with other partners.
Mid to large sized organizations actively looking to build their own co-sell programs for partners.
Ecosystem Leaders and Partner Professionals looking to grow their co-selling engagement with partners. 
Organizations from Technology, Communications and Manufacturing industries that want to grow their ecosystem.

Organizations using WorkSpan Achieves True Partner Alignment to Drive Revenue Growth

“Figure out scale now instead of when scale becomes a problem. Make that investment in platforms like WorkSpan. It is a tremendous mechanism to create the underlying mass transit system for co-selling for your now.”

Dan Rippey

Director of Programs - Global Partner
Solutions, Microsoft

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Increase in joint pipeline
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Increase in average deal size
Win rate
Increase in average win rates
Increase in deal velocity

Meet Our Customers

“User interface is very easy and the functionality is helpful for the work I do. We’ve increased the productivity of our partner management team by 40-50%.”

Janelle Harris

Principal Alliances Partner Marketing Manager, Red Hat

“It's been an amazing transformation of how we do the work and how we're keeping everything all in one place. We’ve been able to reduce our costs, so we’ve put that back into helping drive engagement.”

Joan Richards

Director - Global Alliances and Partner Marketing, Red Hat

“The technology that WorkSpan brings enables real-time communication at the deal level, product roadmap level, at a global and regional level”

Jack Miller

SAP Global Markets Head, Cognizant

"Co-selling with ISVs will continue to be more important for AWS and tools like WorkSpan give us better visibility to ISVs and how ISVs impact the business."

Jeff Grimes

AWS Partner Leader - Startups

“WorkSpan brings a high degree of transparency to the journey of building a new solution offering. WorkSpan as a platform then becomes a core part of the product development engine.”

Harmeet Chauhan

SVP Engineering Services; Executive Committee Member, Wipro

Automate and Scale Co-Sell Engagement with Partners with WorkSpan

WorkSpan is a shared platform for co-sell partners to manage joint planning, co-sell referrals and opportunity sharing, and measuring ecosystem performance.

Automate and Simplify Co-Sell Management

Bi-directionally share referrals and opportunities with partners from inside your CRM. Automate deal updates, opportunity value, sales stage mapping, autofills and validations. 

Securely Track Co-Sell Opportunities and Progress with Partners

Gain deeper collaboration on joint opportunities with visibility and access to pipeline updates, required actions and deal alerts. 

Measure with Real-Time Data, Automated Reports and Charts

Measure key co-sell metrics like partner sourced and influenced pipeline and closed revenue. Report on partner performance and revenue by partner, solution, industry, geography, and more.

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