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Co-Selling Requires a Dedicated Tool

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Co-Sell Opportunity

Co-Selling is a revolutionary new method of delivering customer value where partner sales teams work together to sell complete customer solutions. Companies in the know are already capitalizing on this new partnering motion.

Efficiently Plan and Execute
Co-Sell Motions

Co-sell processes can be highly manual and frictional, making it difficult for partners to capture much of the value in the partnership. WorkSpan automates and simplifies opportunity referral sharing with partners between any CRM.

Track Performance and Enable Data-Driven Actions

Visibility to data between enterprise applications, customers, suppliers, and partners – across the ecosystem is a challenge. WorkSpan gives you sales performance insights in real-time with auto-generated reports and visualizations.

"With the WorkSpan application to coordinate selling motions across Cisco and ecosystem partner sellers we can push out even more opportunities because we have those insights right now."

Jose Van Dijk
VP, Operations and Partner Performance at Cisco
Jose van Dijk

Automate and Scale Co-Sell Collaboration
with WorkSpan

WorkSpan is a shared platform for co-sell partners to manage joint account plans, referrals, and co-sell opportunities


The World's Leading Technology Companies Drive Co-Sell Revenue with their Partners on WorkSpan

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Drive Co-Selling Motions with Partners

Single Application for Co-Sell Planning & Execution

WorkSpan’s Co-Sell with Me is a single place for you to manage your co-sell planning, opportunity collaboration, and workflows with partners instead of relying on multiple versions of the truth and a jumble of disconnected tools such as spreadsheets, forms, and emails. The WorkSpan Co-Sell with Me application delivers complete visibility into your co-sell opportunities. 


Automate and Simplify Referral Sharing

With WorkSpan’s Co-Sell with Me, you can submit your CRM opportunities to your partner with just a few simple clicks. Our application helps ensure timely and error-free referral submissions with features such as opportunity sales stage mapping, referral form autofill and validations.

Track Performance and Enable Data-Driven Actions

WorkSpan’s Co-Sell with Me gives you clear sales performance insights in real-time with our auto-generated reports. You can also visualize your co-sell performance with intuitive charts – actuals vs. goals, pipeline metrics, partner-sourced revenues, performance by region, and more.

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Scale Your Co-Sell Business with Speed

WorkSpan’s Co-Sell with Me automates and streamlines your co-sell processes so you can eliminate manual and repetitive work, increase referral volume with partners, accelerate deal cycles, and quickly scale your co-sell revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-selling is a modern partnering process where two or more peer-level partners with complementary offerings come together to provide a holistic solution to more fully address customer needs and work collaboratively to sell together.

Co-selling with your partners helps you boost your revenue, bring value to your customers, foster customer trust, gain access to unexplored markets, strengthen ecosystem partnerships, increase your brand awareness, reduce channel sales cycles, enhance customer experience, and increase business efficiency.

Co-selling is entirely different from reselling. In reselling models, partners resell your company’s offerings. However, in a co-selling model, each partner has its own set of solutions or services to sell to the customer that comes together as a whole solution for joint customers. Therefore, active collaboration and an aligned sales process are required between the ecosystem partners’ sales teams in a co-sell motion, whereas in a resell motion, you have minimal or no participation in the sales cycle that your reseller partner leads.

You can pick the right co-sell partners by getting clarity on factors like changing market demands, your target market, your and your partners' strengths and weaknesses, your support offerings, and your expectations from your co-sell partners.

Some years back, most partnerships used to be 1-to-1, and the role of a channel partner was to solely promote and sell its partner’s solutions, products, etc. Today companies team up with multiple partners for their business solutions and go-to-market strategies. For example, today it would not be uncommon for a software firm to develop a complete solution collaborating with one or more other complementary ISVs, a hardware company, an SI firm, and a cloud provider. 

Companies regularly use disjointed presentations, spreadsheets, emails, etc., to manage co-sell partnerships. For better co-selling motions, organizations should use a shared system of record. This shared system provides accurate, reliable, and comprehensive records of their work and operations to leadership.

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