The Co-Sell Management Standard

Drive partner-sourced revenue at higher win rates and lower costs
with Co-Sell Collaboration on WorkSpan

Managing Co-Sell is Hard.
Scaling Co-Sell is Impossible.

It's hard enough to manage co-selling opportunities with a handful of partners, so how do you scale co-selling with your top 100 partners across thousands of active deals?

Co-Sell is a
Massive Opportunity

Customers want full-stack solutions from multiple vendors sold together as one. Co-sell is when partners collaborate together on sales joint opportunities to meet the needs of shared customers. Today, co-sell partner collaboration is estimated to easily exceed $300 billion.

Co-Sell Needs a
Dedicated Tool

The biggest impediment to managing and scaling co-sell is the lack of useful tools. Partner managers must rely on spreadsheets, slide decks, and emails to share leads and exchange updates on opportunities with partners.

Co-Sell Must Efficiently
Scale Revenue Growth

Manual processes and disjointed tools result in disrupted sales momentum, inconsistent sales cadences, lost or delayed revenue, high operational costs, and a perception of failure. COVID-19 only amplifies partner leaders’ need to drive incremental revenue.

CRMs are a sales tool, WorkSpan is the tool that allows our partner managers to drive their joint opportunities forward.

Mike Bruchey
Global VP Partner Solutions
Global Business Development and Ecosystem, SAP

Co-Sell Collaboration on WorkSpan

WorkSpan is a shared system for you and your partners to build joint sales plans and drive joint opportunities from pre-pipeline to closed-won

Joint Business

Create and manage metrics-driven joint business plans with your co-sell partners


Bring together leads and targets to build an actionable pre-pipeline and uncover new joint business opportunities with your co-sell partners


Share joint sales opportunities with your partners and vice versa create a singular, shared joint pipeline with your co-sell partners

Collaborate with
Key Partners

Collaborate with transparency and accountability with tasks, comments, and direct messages to keep everyone in sync on every deal, in every region

Report on​
Each Partner

Run pipeline reviews and QBRs with simple, powerful, on-demand visualizations of real-time data to track progress to plan and revenue impact

WorkSpan Digitizes Co-Sell for the World's Leading Technology Companies

Streamline Co-Sell Collaboration

It's simple to create and share collaborative regional or area sales plans and KPIs with your partners on WorkSpan, and real-time metrics make management a snap.

You can exchange pre-pipeline opportunities, such as leads, targets, candidate opportunities, etc., with each other.

WorkSpan gives you real-time information on your joint pipeline, helps you to make decisions, and clearly demonstrate the impact of your co-selling partnerships. You can now drive your joint pipeline by recording progress, tracking updates, conducting efficient weekly pipeline reviews, and more.

With WorkSpan, you and your partners are now perfectly aligned on each joint opportunity and closing deals faster.

Manage All Your Co-Sell Partners and Data Together

WorkSpan easily integrates with your and your partners’ CRM and Marketing Automation systems. All your critical co-sell data is united and synchronized with your partners’ co-sell data, connecting shared leads and opportunities together in a single location.

Additionally, you now have real-time charts tracking your KPIs with your data, and your partner’s KPIs with your partners’ data. You’re able to measure and manage across your co-sell ecosystem easily -- by industry, by region, and by SKU. You now have the power to manage a true win-win relationship.

"You have two choices. You can go the traditional way with tons of email attachments, slides, and spreadsheets. Or, you look for a tool like WorkSpan where you enhance the collaboration between partners in an almost automatic way. "

Roland Wartenberg
Sr. Director Strategic Alliances, NetApp

Synchronize and Unite Your Co-Sell Data

Collaborate with your partners on Co-Sell Sales Plans with a single view of all joint sales opportunities

With many options for importing, exporting, and integrating data on WorkSpan, you and your partners have a flexible, powerful shared system of record from which to run your co-sell business together as one.

Achieve Operational Scale

WorkSpan empowers you to define a co-sell business process and provides you with a management system to ensure consistency across all partners in all regions.

Achieve co-selling scale with consistent engagement and management of all your co-sell motions. With a well-defined uniform process, collaboration becomes standardized, easy to follow for your partners, and results in increased engagement, predictable success, and low turn-around times.

Prior to WorkSpan, SAP was unable to quantify value of GSI partnerships and make data-driven decisions on joint sales opportunities.

Today, SAP can now accurately attribute the impact of partner activities and find more opportunities with a quantified pre- pipeline, achieving 154% revenue growth with partners and reduced sales cycle by 9 days.

WorkSpan's powerful ecosystem cloud platform enables our partners to collaborate across the Microsoft ecosystem more effectively to accelerate solution delivery and increase value for customers.

Gavriella Schuster
Corporate VP, One Commercial Partner,
Channel Chief, Microsoft

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