Identify more co-sell opportunities and
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WorkSpan Does
What CRMs and PRMs Can't

WorkSpan powers co-selling with your ecosystem of partners

Co-Sell is a
Massive Opportunity

Customers want full-stack solutions from multiple vendors sold together as one. Co-Selling is when partners collaborate together on joint sales opportunities to meet the needs of shared customers. Today, partner co-sell collaboration is estimated to easily exceed $300 billion.

Co-Sell Needs a
Dedicated Tool

The biggest impediment to managing and scaling co-sell is the lack of useful tools. Partner managers must rely on spreadsheets, slide decks, and emails to share leads and exchange updates on opportunities with partners.

Co-Sell Must Efficiently
Scale Revenue Growth

Manual processes and disjointed tools result in disrupted sales momentum, inconsistent sales cadences, lost or delayed revenue, high operational costs, and a perception of failure. COVID-19 only amplifies partner leaders’ need to drive incremental revenue.

CRMs are a sales tool, WorkSpan is the tool that allows our partner managers to drive their joint opportunities forward.

Mike Bruchey
Global VP Partner Solutions
Global Business Development and Ecosystem, SAP

Co-Sell Collaboration on WorkSpan

WorkSpan is a shared platform for co-sell partners to
manage joint account plans, referrals, and co-sell opportunities

Joint Business

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Create and manage metrics-driven joint business plans with your co-sell partners

Share Referrals and Opportunities

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Manage referrals and co-sell opportunities with your partners

Collaborate with
Key Partners

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Collaborate with transparency and accountability with tasks, comments, and direct messages to keep everyone in sync on every deal, in every region

Co-Sell Deals

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Win together faster, with larger deal sizes and a better experience for your shared end-customers

Report on​
Each Partner

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Run pipeline reviews and QBRs with simple, powerful, on-demand visualizations of real-time data to track progress to plan and revenue impact

Featured Solution

WorkSpan Co-Sell Platform for Salesforce

  • Automate referral sharing from inside Salesforce
  • Manage and track your co-sell opportunity pipeline
  • Scale your co-sell business with speed
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The World's Leading Technology Companies Drive Co-Sell Revenue with their Partners on WorkSpan

Dell Technologies
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Drive Effective Cross-Company Co-Sell Collaboration

Co-selling with partners is simple on WorkSpan. You and your partners log in to your shared workspace to easily plan joint business, execute activities, track progress, and win together.

WorkSpan’s Collaboration and Communications capabilities allow you and your partners and stakeholders to add comments, annotate notes, assign tasks, send direct messages, and create and share reports.

Configurable Workflows map to your and each of your partners’ specific joint selling business processes, keeping everyone in sync on where you are, what’s next, and who’s accountable.

With WorkSpan, you and your partners are now perfectly aligned on each co-sell opportunity, efficiently executing your sales processes, and closing more business together.

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Run Co-Sell as a Data-Driven Business

WorkSpan integrates with your CRM and your partners’ CRMs connect and automatically synchronize opportunity and account data. With many options for syncing data with WorkSpan, you can stop managing your co-sell business on spreadsheets, move quicker, be more responsive, and improve the buying experience for your end-customers.

WorkSpan’s real-time charts and dashboards combine multiple partners’ data feeds to deliver on-demand, executive-ready metrics and reports — equipping teams and executives to be “QBR-ready” at all times.

"You have two choices. You can go the traditional way with tons of email attachments, slides, and spreadsheets. Or, you look for a tool like WorkSpan where you enhance the collaboration between partners in an almost automatic way. "

logo netapp
Roland Wartenberg
Sr. Director Strategic Alliances, NetApp

Synchronize and Unite Your Co-Sell Data

Collaborate with your partners from a single view of co-sell opportunities

co sell integration

WorkSpan has many options for importing, exporting, and integrating data

Operate Co-Sell at Ecosystem Scale

WorkSpan equips ecosystem leaders with the ability to automate and securely scale co-sell management and operations across your organization and partner ecosystem -- all with complete control over user access to your confidential co-sell data.

Set up integrations with your business systems, such as CRMs, just once and apply to every partnership in your ecosystem. Define your co-sell business process and apply the workflow globally to ensure consistency across partners in all regions.

Reduce the risk of exposing sensitive sales information with configurable policies to automatically create, sync, update, and securely share leads, referrals, opportunities, and accounts.

logo sap

Prior to WorkSpan, SAP was unable to quantify value of GSI partnerships and make data-driven decisions on joint sales opportunities.

Today, SAP can now accurately attribute the impact of partner activities and identify more co-sell opportunities, achieving 154% revenue growth with partners and reduced sales cycle by 9 days.

customer gavriella schuster

WorkSpan's powerful ecosystem cloud platform enables our partners to collaborate across the Microsoft ecosystem more effectively to accelerate solution delivery and increase value for customers.

Gavriella Schuster
Corporate VP, One Commercial Partner,
Channel Chief, Microsoft

Exceed Your Revenue Targets with Partners

Nominate Accounts and Orchestrate Joint Account Planning

Nominate accounts and orchestrate joint account planning. View a workflow of nominated opportunities along each stage and a dashboard of cross-company pipeline metrics to track your joint sales funnel with ease. Record partner contributions in joint opportunities.

Joint Sales Cover
Joint Sales Details

Forecast and Track the Progress of Your Joint Pipeline

Connect opportunities to your joint solutions. You can view joint opportunities by plan, solution, region, partner, theme, industry, and more.

Track pipeline velocity to quarterly goals agreed upon in your joint sales plans so you can take corrective action and get them closed.

Prove Alliance Contribution to Closed Revenue

Report on your joint pipeline and revenue. You can run the numbers any way you want: by region, stage, forecast, or target quarter close date.

No more measuring partner contribution as a yes/no proposition. Partner contributions are recorded, measured, and reported — giving you the power to show positive impact.

Sales Plan Overview

Drive Fast and Effective Account Qualification Using Assessments

You can build assessment questionnaires to enable your partners at scale and drive high-velocity account qualification.

You can convert high-scoring assessments to qualified opportunities. This enables you to save your and your partner’s time, invest in accounts that are a good fit for your offerings, and increase win rates.

Bring Multiple Partners Together to Close Big Deals

WorkSpan is the only EBM platform where you can invite multiple partners to work together to close your top deals.

Every company in the partnership gets an unprecedented level of secured visibility and collaboration to drive the deal forward.

Multi Company overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-selling is a modern partnering process where two or more peer-level partners with complementary offerings come together to provide a holistic solution to more fully address customer needs and work collaboratively to sell together.

Co-selling with your partners helps you boost your revenue, bring value to your customers, foster customer trust, gain access to unexplored markets, strengthen ecosystem partnerships, increase your brand awareness, reduce channel sales cycles, enhance customer experience, and increase business efficiency.

Co-selling is entirely different from reselling. In reselling models, partners resell your company’s offerings. However, in a co-selling model, each partner has its own set of solutions or services to sell to the customer that comes together as a whole solution for joint customers. Therefore, active collaboration and an aligned sales process are required between the ecosystem partners’ sales teams in a co-sell motion, whereas in a resell motion, you have minimal or no participation in the sales cycle that your reseller partner leads.

You can pick the right co-sell partners by getting clarity on factors like changing market demands, your target market, your and your partners' strengths and weaknesses, your support offerings, and your expectations from your co-sell partners.

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