Unify and scale your
co-solution activities with WorkSpan

Getting Just One Joint Solution to Market is Complex

So, how do you scale co-solution initiatives across your partner ecosystem?

Joint Solution Complexity

Co-Solution is a
Massive Opportunity

Co-solution offerings are joint solutions created by your company and one or more partners to meet end-to-end customer needs.

With market estimates exceeding $300B, co-solutioning with partners enables you to address high-value market segments, get your products to market faster, and grow indirect revenue.

Managing Co-Solution
is Hard

Each joint solution involves at least two partners, often more, and each partner has many stakeholders — all working together to review ideas, architect, develop, package, certify, and launch.

Multiply this complexity across a portfolio of potentially hundreds of joint solutions with dozens or even hundreds of partners, each with a solution lifecycle of its own.

Co-Solution Must Scale Efficiently or Revenue Suffers

With no standard way to manage co-solution motions as a whole, each joint solution is approached as a stand-alone, ad hoc project, managed by adding incremental headcount, and resulting in slow times to market, high costs, and significant lost revenue opportunities.

COVID-19 is amplifying these issues and making the need to drive incremental revenue even more critical. Partner leaders must drive efficient, scalable co-solution motions right now.

Harmeet Chauhan

With WorkSpan, we can reduce the time to bring a new
co-solution project to market by 3-5 months.

Harmeet Chauhan
SVP Engineering Services; Executive Committee Member
Wipro Letters WHT

Introducing EcosystemNXT

EcosystemNXT combines WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud with Wipro EngineeringNXT’s unrivaled experience and expertise delivering game-changing ecosystem solutions

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Co-Solution Ecosystem Cloud

WorkSpan provides the
Co-innovation management platform



Industrial and Engineering Services

Wipro provides the Business Process,
Configuration, and Implementation services

Co-Solution Collaboration with EcosystemNXT

Manage Full
Solution Lifecycle

sync px

Run end-to-end co-solution lifecycle from concept to launch and beyond.

Manage Entire Solution Portfolio

note add px

Manage released solutions and prioritize new solution pipeline. Track architecture, development, certification, and enablement.

Package and

record voice over px

Coordinate internally and across partners to deliver readiness materials for marketing, sales, legal, and support.

Collaborate with Key Partners

forum px

Keep everyone on the same page on every solution in every region with tasks, messages, and more. Accelerate deal cycles with transparency and accountability.

Report on Each Partner

signal cellular alt px

Run pipeline reviews and QBRs with simple, powerful, on-demand visualizations of real-time data to track progress to plan and solution revenue impact.

The World's Leading Technology Companies Run Co-Solution Partner Motions on WorkSpan

Dell Technologies
logo sap

Run Co-Solution as a
Business Process

Rather than scrambling to put together ad-hoc projects to build out one solution, EcosystemNXT allows you to implement a standardized business process with steps that work for every joint solution.

EcosystemNXT enables you to digitally align on a co-solution business process and bring order to the chaos. Each joint solution is tracked with the ability to add tasks at each stage of the business process, assign each task, and follow its progress to completion.

With EcosystemNXT, your co-solution business process is well-defined, repeatable, and allows you to focus on creating value.

“The number one impact from deploying WorkSpan is broader use of the Amplify program. The number of projects we do with partners has increased dramatically.”

Attis Bouillon
Director of Global Partner Solution Sales

Manage Your Co-Solution Partners and Data

EcosystemNXT brings all your joint solution information together in a single, collaborative place for you and your partners to manage the co-solution process from end-to-end. Invite multiple partners to each solution and manage everything together from one place.

EcosystemNXT easily integrates with your and your partners’ business systems, so tracking and reporting on each solution is always accurate and reliable, and your partners and stakeholders are always accountable.

Co sell graphic

Unify and Scale Your Co-Solution Activities

EcosystemNXT brings all your co-solution activities together so you and your partners have one shared collaborative space to manage your complete co-solution motions from end-to-end

Co Solution Collaboration scaled

Invite multiple partners to each solution, source new solution ideas from anywhere, and manage all your joint solutions as a portfolio with a single, consistent, repeatable business process

Streamline Your Entire Co-Solution Portfolio

Manage your complete solution portfolio in one digital space with EcosystemNXT. Maintain released solutions, review, and prioritize new solution pipeline, track architecture, development, certification, marketing, sales, legal, and support enablement.

Keep visibility, communication, and trust in the forefront and accelerate your co-solution activities across all your ecosystem partners.

logo sap

When co-solutioning with its
partners, SAP was managing its entire co-innovation program on disparate tools, including spreadsheets, email, and an array of point solutions.

With EcosystemNXT, SAP now runs its co-solution motions as a repeatable business process with over 15 partners spread across 4 regions, reducing manual efforts, accelerating time to market, and cutting costs.

Keith Prince Dell

It was very effective for us to look at how we solution and built our workflows in WorkSpan. I call it “process normalization” and we’ve really enjoyed working with your team on the workflow design.

Keith Prince
Managing Director — Global Market Development
Dell Technologies
Dell Technologies

Access New Market Segments, Customers, and
Your Partners’ Brand Power

Ideate Solutions with Your Partners

The WorkSpan Network enables you to securely co-create, engage, and optimize joint solutions. Unlike one-way portals, you can share, join and contribute to existing solutions with multiple partners. 

Then receive endorsements and resources to successfully launch with momentum. With goals and accomplishments clearly defined, you can set user types and roles, so the right people have access to the right data. Finally, share your solutions with your partners’ sales and marketing teams to ensure cross-company alignment in a shared space.


Build and Launch Joint Solutions to Field Teams

Drive engagement and accountability with your joint sales and marketing field teams through shared content, assigned tasks, key dates, deadlines, and sales SPIFFs.

By letting your teams know when opportunities are nominated, qualified, and ready to mature — you’ll be encouraging participation at every stage. You can even communicate via in-app messages, coordinate around their needs, and respond to feedback to help deliver accomplishments related to each solution.

Manage Solution Delivery and Boost Market Share

Track real-time performance on your individual solutions to catch early signs of success. See how each piece of content is being used—from attachments, downloads, and views — so you’re perpetually optimizing your solution portfolio based on what’s working and what’s not. You can even clone the best-performing solutions to keep the momentum going at full speed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Co-innovation offerings are joint solutions created by your company and one or more partners to meet end-to-end customer needs. In today's world of cloud solutions and easily configured APIs, winning companies are combining forces with partners to quickly build stronger whole solutions and meet rapidly changing customer needs.

Co-solutioning with partners enables you to address high-value market segments, get your products to market faster, and grow indirect revenue.

You can run co-solution as a business process, manage your co-solution partners and data, and streamline your entire co-solution portfolio with WorkSpan. Maintain released solutions, review, and prioritize new solution pipeline, track architecture, development, certification, marketing, sales, legal, and support enablement.

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