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Episode 115

January 23, 2021

#115 Sarita Janjani: How Brillio Builds and Delivers Industry-Optimized Solutions With Hyperscale Partners

Sarita Janjani, Worldwide Strategic Alliances Portfolio at Brillio, joins Ecosystem Aces and explains how Brillio finds custom solutions to bring their customers to the cloud.

When it comes to the modernization of companies, one size does not fit all. The migration of companies to the cloud requires industry-specific solutions.

In this episode, Sarita Janjani, Worldwide Strategic Alliances Portfolio at Brillio, joins Ecosystem Aces and explains how Brillio finds custom solutions to bring their customers to the cloud.

Janjani discusses:

  • The various industry specific solutions Brillio develops for modernizing their customers.
  • The importance of funding and how Brillio uses AWS’ funding program to solidify relationships with customers.
  • How Brillio benefits from partnering with ISV companies 

The Path to Productizing Solutions for Customers

Putting the customer first means understanding their needs at an individual company or organization level. Brillio starts their solutions by identifying each company’s specific requirements. This approach allows the company to digitize customers in a number of different industries. For example, Brillio offers meter data analytics to help companies in the power and utilities industry track energy consumption. On the other hand, for customers in the healthcare industry, Brillio focuses on frictionless data interoperability to ensure that patient records can be transferred across systems.

Scaling these industry-optimized solutions begins at the individual company level. Brillio considers cost effectiveness, return on investment and applicability of a solution for each individual customer. It’s only after this process that Brillio considers if it’s possible and could be valuable to make a repeatable offering for the industry and create a more standardized product that could apply to other prospective customers as well.

Optimizing Funding from Cloud Providers

Brillio finds tremendous value in leveraging funds from partners to bring solutions to market -- as Janjani says “they are the golden ticket”. Properly leveraging this resource can be the difference between closing or losing a customer. Brillio maximizes funds from AWS and Google by investing in their customers. With funding for programs like proof of concepts, they’re able to excite their customers and drive more revenue for Brillio and their partners. The company even offers free programs to customers in order to further solidify their relationships.

In the coming year, Janjani plans to use AWS’ MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) to perform large migrations with 10 of Brillio’s customers. This strengthens the partnership between AWS and Brillio as it shows how the company can bring customers to their alliance. In addition, the large migrations can uncover possible customer issues which in turn helps Brillio develop better solutions.

Leveraging Partnerships to Streamline Solutions

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Partnering allows you to gain access to existing technologies and strategies that can help rapidly add value to your solutions. Understanding that there is a growing overlap between the offerings from cloud consulting companies and ISV companies, Brillio works with ISV partners to co-develop and co-sell together.

By forming these alliances, Brillio effectively uses the solutions of their ISV partners to create better offers for their customers. These partnerships not only increase the size of potential customers for both Brillio and their partners but they also increase the number of business opportunities for AWS. 

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