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Episode 38

January 21, 2019

#38 Arnaldo Amaro: How Can You Be Viewed As a Strategic Partner Rather Than Just Another Service?

Arnaldo Amaro is the LATAM-SPLA Territory Manager at Dynatrace where he is working to push companies towards managing their user experience

Arnaldo Amaro is the LATAM-SPLA Territory Manager at Dynatrace where he is working to push companies towards managing their user experience on their platforms in better and more efficient ways.  

Many times companies experience functionality and user experience issues on their platforms that they can no longer manage because modern environments have become so complex.  This is where Arnaldo and his team can come in and make a big difference.

It’s impossible to manage information based on too many silos because it simply becomes too complex.  The major issue here isn’t just to correlate the different sets of data but to be able to see the context of the problem and make changes based on the visibility you have into your platform.  

In an ideal world, it would be great for customers to manage issues that pop up on the back end themselves, but it is not as easy as it sounds to manage these transitions and changes.  The enterprise environment is very dynamic and there are so many moving parts.  

Dynatrace helps their partners here and drives an immense amount of value - they help companies see their blind spots on their platforms that no one else can.

Arnaldo joined us for this edition of The Alliance Aces Podcast to talk about how to track where partners are having issues on their platform, how to work effectively with partners, and unique region challenges in Latin America.

Tracking Where Things Are Slowing Down

Tracking down problems remotely can be a challenge.  When you are working face to face with partners, you can see behavior patterns and can often help your partner track down the issue on their platform much quicker.

But in today’s modern environment, partners are often having to manage these issues from afar.  The approach to solving these issues are all based on technology, and that leads to a much tougher battle.

But Dynatrace specializes in helping to manage the behavior of their clients that are looking to solve problems on their platforms.  Dynatrace is able to track down challenges leveraging their technology across the full lifetime of activity and platform data they can comb through.

Change in Working With Partners

Arnaldo has seen a big difference in how he and his team work with partners over the past several years.  Instead of just providing infrastructure, they are focused on offering superior service.  They are positioning themselves as more of a strategic partner than just a simple service.  

Arnaldo has seen that with this complex environment he works in, it’s easy for partners who are not as well versed in solving these problems as Dynatrace to make things worse rather than better.  The Dynatrace team has been the most successful when they take the time to craft an understanding of the full holistic view of a partner’s challenges.  

It’s a different approach than most, to understand the full scenario instead of just individual parts, but it is what sets Arnaldo’s team apart.

Sometimes it’s still difficult for customers and partners to see the same vision Dynatrace is seeing when they aim to help them.  Dynatrace helps show their partners the big picture rather than a zoomed in portion of the problem.  

It helps to paint this picture because it helps partners save money and improve their business.  This picture can also help partners anticipate problems and see all sides of a given issue.

Unique Region Challenges in Latin America

Arnaldo must face some unique challenges in his region.  He often sees delays in technology and various issues created by the distance to the necessary technology.  The network in this region is evolving and there are different issues at each step.  

One of the toughest things Arnaldo must figure out is how to determine what is causing these specific issues.  For example, the problem could be with the network itself and have nothing to do with the customer or partner trying to access their platform.

Or the problem could be on the customer side; often a customer can blame the network for issues when it is their own devices that are causing these problems. Needless to say, there are a lot of idiosyncrasies.  

Customers and partners need the right partner at the end of the day to help them navigate these challenges. Customer satisfaction is the most important metric for many of Dynatrace’s partners, and they are starting to realize that they can’t solve these platform problems alone anymore.  

They need a strategic partner to help them anticipate challenges and solve current problems.

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