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Episode 67

June 26, 2019

#67 Gaurav Saini: 5 Reasons You Want WorkSpan on Your Team

Why should you trust WorkSpan with your partnerships and alliances? Chip and Gaurav have 5 reasons for you.

Why should you trust WorkSpan with your partnerships and alliances? Chip and Gaurav have 5 reasons for you.

We bring transparency to the joint sales process

We understand there must be transparency. Often, alliances form, and both partners already have a tough job. Companies assign people, and sometimes entire departments, to partner enablement. Unfortunately, each has no idea how much of an impact their efforts are having  — there are no numbers either can point to that tie their partner enablement efforts to revenue.

If you can't have a shared system of record and you can't see how you are impacting the bottom line of revenue at any given time, then how do you work together to stay relevant? You're just not in the know.

Our platform gives both partners a single view of the data, enabling trust.

We don’t just work for you. We work for your entire ecosystem

By the very nature of alliances, there are 2-way or n-way alliances. When we onboard a customer, we know we aren’t selling our product to only them, but also to their alliances.

We know it’s not only our job to help your team be successful, but to ensure the success of your entire ecosystem.

We don’t just track pipeline. We track pre-pipeline

We know how much work goes into landing a joint offering prospect. Many times, none of the pre-pipeline makes it to the CRM. But with WorkSpan, you can still view the pre-work you did, and how much pre-sales pipeline you had.

We understand that value varies from company to company

You want an impact on the bottom line revenue. We get that. But also, within a more holistic context, the value can come in different shapes and forms, depending on the unique revenue models of each company.

When we work with our customers, we take time to discover what value each is trying to drive. We bring in our talented engineering staff so they can see firsthand what your goals and pain points are, and how our platform is solving those, and how we could do better.

We start small, we start slow, and then we help alliance managers showcase the value WorkSpan offers, not only internally to their stakeholders, but also to their counterparts and their stakeholders.

We hold ourselves accountable

We can say a lot. But what is that without accountability?

If you are just putting data into our platform, and it doesn't translate to real outcomes, then what's the point of doing it in the first place?

That’s why our process starts pre-sales for us. Pre-sales, we discover what value you are trying to drive with your partners. Once we have those goals determined, we check ourselves against those outcomes with that customer, on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Bottom line

We hope this goes to show a little of who we are, why we love alliances, and how we can help you deliver results.

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