Propose activities, track performance, and report on partner contribution to revenue with WorkSpan

Track Real-Time Program and Campaign Performance to Invest Your Dollars More Intelligently

Propose New Joint Marketing Pursuits with Partners

Nominate accounts and orchestrate joint account planning. View a workflow of nominated opportunities along each stage and a dashboard of cross-company pipeline metrics to track your joint sales funnel with ease. Record partner contributions in joint opportunities.

Program Campaigns
Calenedar View

Track Joint Marketing Campaigns and Maximize ROI

Tap into joint calendars to increase shared visibility on all programs and campaigns across partners, along with a shared Content Library to securely distribute and update go-to-market assets for regional teams.

You’ll never miss a thing with real-time alerts based on assigned tasks and in-app messaging to bring you closer to your partners’ global field teams, so you can keep driving participation in the right direction: up.

Measure Your Joint Marketing Funnel Performance.

Measure closed-loop, end-to-end reporting on your joint marketing funnel — from leads to MQLs, SQLs, pipeline, and closed revenue — even for long, 6 to 9-month enterprise sales cycles.

You can jointly track real-time program and campaign performance to see what’s working and what’s not — defining best practices for investing your dollars more strategically.


Frequently Asked Questions

Co-marketing is a marketing practice where two or more partners collaborate and cooperate in marketing their solutions or offerings and then share the outcomes of their co-marketing efforts.

Co-marketing with your partners can help you broaden your target market, increase your brand awareness, bring more value to your customers, create and nurture positive and long-term relationships with your customers and partners - all at a lower cost by sharing costs with your partners.

WorkSpan can help you drive effective marketing collaborations with your partners from proposed joint campaigns through execution and reporting, run co-marketing as a data driven business process and manage co-marketing at ecosystem scale.

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