Joint Marketing

Where you & your partners can propose marketing activities, track performance, & report on partner contribution to pipeline.

Manage your joint marketing plan with your ecosystem.


Increase your marketing impact by sharing your programs & maximizing funds with your partners. Together, you’ll have the insight to invest time, effort, & dollars into the most winning campaigns.


Solicit campaign proposals, approve funds, share content, & claim reimbursements on a shared network to enable field marketing, sales, & partner teams worldwide.


Show real-time marketing funnel status and marketing calendars with roll-ups by partner, region, & theme. You can even highlight partner contributions on a single dashboard to see generated opportunity & touched pipeline—all tied to company revenue.

Oversee & overachieve on field marketing performance.

Track real-time program & campaign performance to invest your dollars more intelligently.

Propose New Joint Marketing Pursuits With Partners.

Nominate accounts & orchestrate joint account planning. View a workflow of nominated opportunities along each stage & a dashboard of cross-company pipeline metrics to track your joint sales funnel with ease. Record partner contributions in joint opportunities.

Track Joint Marketing Campaigns & Maximize ROI.

Tap into joint calendars to increase shared visibility on all programs & campaigns across partners, along with a shared Content Library to securely distribute & update go-to-market assets for regional teams. You’ll never miss a thing with real-time alerts based on assigned tasks & in-app messaging to bring you closer to your partners’ global field teams, so you can keep driving participation in the right direction: up.

Measure Your Joint Marketing Funnel Performance.

Measure closed-loop, end-to-end reporting on your joint marketing funnel—from leads, to MQLs, SQLs, pipeline, & closed revenue—even for long, 6 to 9 month enterprise sales cycles. You can jointly track real-time program & campaign performance to see what’s working & what’s not—defining best practices for investing your dollars more strategically.

Meet your partner-sourced MQL goals with quantified ROI

Align both your field marketing teams & your partners’ marketing teams to support your programs by line of business, regions, & products—with full visibility into joint marketing programs, campaigns, & results. No more begging partners for metrics & performance data. From here on out, consider your investments quantified.

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