Joint Sales

Where you & your partners can nominate joint accounts to pursue, track deals, & report on partner contribution to revenue.

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Manage your joint pipeline with your ecosystem.

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Increase your win rates by managing joint sales pipeline. Nominate, qualify, engage, & track all your accounts together. Jointly set goals & review revenue forecasts in your shared system.

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Accelerate your deal velocity, size, & win rates on joint pipeline. Track your partners’ contributions & activate a scalable framework of success for your teams, your partners, & their partners.

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Show real-time pipeline & deal status with roll-ups by partner or joint solution. You can even highlight partner contributions on a single dashboard—with reports to showcase their contribution (both sourcing & assists) to company revenue.

Exceed revenue targets generated with your alliance partners.

Nominate accounts & orchestrate joint account planning.

Nominate accounts & orchestrate joint account planning. View a workflow of nominated opportunities along each stage & a dashboard of cross-company pipeline metrics to track your joint sales funnel with ease. Record partner contributions in joint opportunities.


Forecast & track the progress of your joint pipeline.

Connect opportunities to your joint solutions. You can view joint opportunities by plan, solution, region, partner, theme, industry, & more. Track pipeline velocity to quarterly goals agreed upon in your joint sales plans so you can take corrective action & get them closed.

Prove alliance contribution to closed revenue.

Report on your joint pipeline & revenue. You can run the numbers any way you want: by region, stage, forecast, or target quarter close date. No more measuring partner contribution as a yes/no proposition. Partner contributions are recorded, measured, & reported—giving you the power to show positive impact.


Drive Fast & Effective Account Qualification Using Assessments.

You can build assessment questionnaires to enable your partners at scale, and drive high velocity account qualification. You can convert high-scoring assessments to qualified opportunities. This enables you to save both your & your partner’s time, invest in accounts that are a good fit for your offerings, & increase win rates.

Work more joint opportunities without the burden of manual labor.

It’s time you were able to jointly track deals across company boundaries. No more manually reconciling & updating spreadsheets on a daily/weekly basis to report on partnership health. Get used to orchestrating more opportunities with your partners through shared automation.

Are you ready to elevate your "sell-with" motions with your partners?

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