Joint Solutions

Where you & your partners can propose joint solution ideas, build sales ready offerings, & report on solution contribution to revenue.

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Manage your joint solution portfolio with your ecosystem.


Ideate solutions with your partners & their partners. View & join solutions that are shared with you. Align on your joint solutions by setting goals, objectives, & key dates on a shared network.


Build & publish your joint solutions & make them accessible to your field teams, your partner’s field teams, & their partner’s field teams. You can even solicit nominations of sales opportunities to drive execution & accountability in the field.


Track sales opportunities & partner performance on your joint solutions in real-time with a dashboard of key metrics to achieve revenue goals. Strengthen your solutions to increase performance in under-performing regions or industries.

Ride the wave of the new ecosystem economy.

Gain access to new market segments, customers, & your partners’ brand power.

Ideate solutions with your partners.

The WorkSpan Network enables you to securely co-create, engage, & optimize joint solutions. Unlike one-way portals, you can share, join & contribute to existing solutions with multiple partners. Then receive endorsements & resources to successfully launch with momentum. With goals & accomplishments clearly defined, you can set user types & roles, so the right people have access to the right data. Finally, share your solutions with your partners’ sales & marketing teams to ensure cross-company alignment in a shared space.


Build & launch joint solutions to field teams.

Drive engagement & accountability with your joint sales & marketing field teams through shared content, assigned tasks, key dates, deadlines, & sales SPIFFs. By letting your teams know when opportunities are nominated, qualified & ready to mature—you’ll be encouraging participation at every stage. You can even communicate via in-app messages, coordinate around their needs, & respond to feedback to help deliver accomplishments related to each solution.

Manage solution delivery & boost market share.

Track real-time performance on your individual solutions to catch early signs of success. See how each piece of content is being used—from attachments, downloads, & views—so you’re perpetually optimizing your solution portfolio based on what’s working and what’s not. You can even clone the best performing solutions to keep the momentum going at full speed.


Your single pane of glass.

You need a real-time, single source of truth for your partnerships to maintain credibility across executives. No more PRM tools, one-way portals, & spreadsheets. It’s time you had a solution to call your own. Alliance professionals, this one’s for you. Finally.

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