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Partner Funds and Incentives Management on WorkSpan

Funds Transparency, Accountability, and Auditability Has Arrived

Manage your Partner Funds motions and collaborate with transparency and trusted data

Partner Funds is Critical to Growing Your Revenue

Partner Funds and Incentives programs are essential partnering motions where companies give to or receive funds from partners to perform specific marketing, sales, solutions, and skill-development activities.

Partner Funds programs and activities are key drivers of Co-Solution and Co-Sell revenue.

Partner Funds Operators Face Many Challenges

Partner Funds can be difficult to manage. Funds frequently go unused, funding processes are inefficient and opaque, campaign execution is disjointed and difficult to track.

In addition, performance and ROI is tough to measure and program owners rely on a patchwork of disparate systems consisting of spreadsheets and various finance and marketing tools.

Partner Funds Management
Needs a Dedicated Tool

Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage Partner Funds. WorkSpan is a modern collaborative platform for connecting with your partners and managing your Funds programs from end- to-end.

With WorkSpan, the funding process is clear and transparent. Program owners, participants, and stakeholders have a single interface for fund and claim management, with clear views of fund availability, and request and claim status.

“WorkSpan really allowed us to expand our breadth of engagement, and utilize and request more funding -- without adding any headcount. Our investment in WorkSpan paid for itself the first year.”

Joan Richards
Director Global Alliances and Partner Marketing
Red Hat

Partner Funds Management on WorkSpan

Whether your company accepts or offers funds, WorkSpan digitizes the complete Funds management process and lifecycle for you and your partners

Source and Manage Proposals

Invite partners, create and manage shared funds plans, and review proposed activities together

Execute Funded Activities

Once proposed activities are approved, track execution with your partners

Manage Claims

Upon completion of activity execution, the activity team completes and submits a claims package for you to review and advance through the claims process

Collaborate with
Key Partners

Keep activities and claims moving forward with workflows, tasks, and notifications to speed the process with transparency and accountability

Report on​
Each Partner

Measure, manage, and report across solutions, activities, partners, and regions with on-demand metrics cards and charts

The World's Leading Technology Companies Manage Partner Funds and Incentives on WorkSpan

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Run Partner Funds as a Collaborative Business Process

Whether your company accepts or offers funds, WorkSpan digitizes the complete Funds management process and lifecycle, helping you and your partners stay informed, aligned, and working together to optimize resources and efforts.

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SAS needed to increase stakeholder visibility into available funds.

With WorkSpan, they increased their funds utilization by 170%, accelerated claims processing, and increased claims approval rates.

Source Ideas, Approve Claims, Accelerate Revenue

Powerful Partner Funds workflows and integrated data sources power cross-company transparency and agility

partner funds management

With many options for importing, exporting, and integrating data on WorkSpan, you and your partners can move faster with complete, timely, and secure data

Measure and Manage Funds with Timely and Accurate Data

With WorkSpan, program owners can easily measure, track, and report on fund requests and approvals, fund distributions, campaign status, campaign performance, and claim reimbursements across regions, partners, and initiatives.

WorkSpan drives funds utilization with powerful dashboards to help teams better understand, plan, and execute critical revenue-driving partnering strategies.

WorkSpan easily integrates with your and your partners’ Marketing Performance Management and CRM systems to power real-time views into marketing activity performance and revenue earned on each solution.

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Prior to WorkSpan, Red Hat’s Market Development Fund (MDF) Program was highly manual and complex. Approval and claim cycle times were lengthy, delaying field go-to-market efforts and missing revenue opportunities.

Red Hat quickly realized many significant results by managing the program on WorkSpan, including a 75% reduction in decision times and program-wide 67x ROI.

"With WorkSpan, we’ve increased program funds by 22% and campaigns managed by 62% with no increase in headcount."

Joan Richards
Director Global Alliances and Partner Marketing
Red Hat

Meet Compliance and Auditability Requirements

Operators of Partner Funds programs are challenged by an inability to easily report on key business metrics. With disjointed information sharing processes and tools, companies face auditing challenges and an increased risk of compliance issues.

With WorkSpan, funding policies are clear and finance teams easily perform reconciliations with auditor-ready reporting on funds, approvals, claims, proof of execution (POE), and proof of performance (POP).

VMware collaborates with Intel on WorkSpan to fund their top resellers on key identified priorities.

With WorkSpan, their shared funds business process has accelerated decision time by 7x, enabling them to fund POCs faster and accurately report on fund utilization and impact.

Clear your Line of Sight to Partner Profitability

Get The Best, Most Creative Campaigns From Your Partners

Clear MDF processes make proposals easy and minimize tedious back and forth. You and your partners maximize your program spend. Boosting MDF utilization has never been easier.

Fix Your Ailing Claims Process

Simplify and streamline your entire funds’ lifecycle. Claims come with KPI achievement for full proof of performance against goals. Take your time back to focus on running more innovative MDF campaigns.

Minimize the Distance Between MDF Spend and Return

Eliminate gut checks and become a data-driven MDF machine. Identify performance patterns and invest in high-performing programs to boost revenue.

Achieve Your Partnering Revenue Goals Today

Do more with less and deliver what really matters to your company.

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