Co-Selling with cloud providers

Manage Your Partnership with Cloud Providers

Simplify partnering, reach new customers, drive growth, and increase revenue partnering with cloud providers.

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Manage Partnership with Cloud Providers from a Centralized Platform and Automate Co-Selling Processes and Workflows

Efficiently Manage Partnership
Manage your  partnerships with AWS and Microsoft from a single, centralized solution, providing a comprehensive view of your partnership ecosystem. 
Automate Processes and Workflows
Automated deal registration simplifies the process of registering deals with your partners, ensuring that you receive appropriate credit for your sales.
Collaborate Better with Cloud Providers
Access AWS's and Microsoft's sales and marketing resources through the WorkSpan platform, enabling you to promote your products and services to new customers.
Measure Performance in Real-Time
Get visibility into your partnership performance and key  metrics in real-time to bring more efficiency into your engagements with cloud providers.

The World's Leading ISVs Partner with 
Cloud Providers on WorkSpan


“WorkSpan is pivotal in how we run the business and how we assure that pipeline is seamless.” 
Megan Buntain
VP - Cloud Transformation
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“We recognized that we probably weren’t going to get any better with what we had, and we needed to take a leap, and so we took the leap with WorkSpan. It provided us something that is far more robust, far more flexible, and provides a much better user experience and I think in the long run what will become very evident is WorkSpan affords us the ability to take information from different systems and pull it all together.”
Michael Bruchey
Global Vice President, Strategic Partners, Partner Ecosystem Success 
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“The experience has been fantastic so far. What we need now is information all the time, real-time, not only between the customer and SAP, but also including the ecosystem. I think that’s what WorkSpan can provide.”
Karl Fahrback
Chief Partner Officer
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“Invest in WorkSpan now to create the mass transit system for your organization that carries the traffic of co-selling.”
Dan Rippey
Program Director - Global Partner Solutions
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Accelerate Your Co-Sell Business with Top Cloud Providers


Co-Sell with AWS

Manage end-to-end AWS co-sell deals - from referral-to-launch inside your own CRM.

Co-Sell with Cloud Providers

Co-Sell with Microsoft

Automate and scale your co-sell business and accelerate deal cycles with Microsoft.

Co-Sell with Cloud Providers

Hear from Our Customers

"WorkSpan is creating value for our partners with a pre-integrated co-sell solution, enabling Microsoft partners to receive and send co-sell referrals and manage a joint pipeline of deals"

Dan Rippey

Program Director, Global Partner Solutions

“It's been an amazing transformation of how we do the work and how we're keeping everything all in one place. We’ve been able to reduce our costs, so we’ve put that back into helping drive engagement.”

Joan Richards

Director - Global Alliances and Partner Marketing, Red Hat

“WorkSpan is a great platform to create an account or opportunity and attach it to a marketing activity.”

Chris Cale

VP - Sales Programs and Operations, SAP

“User interface is very easy and the functionality is helpful for the work I do. We’ve increased the productivity of our partner management team by 40-50%.”

Janelle Harris

Principal Alliances Partner Marketing Manager, Red Hat

“The technology that WorkSpan brings enables real-time communication at the deal level, product roadmap level, at a global and regional level”

Jack Miller

SAP Global Markets Head, Cognizant