Quick Start Implementation Services

The WorkSpan Quick Start Implementation Services offering is an enterprise level implementation package designed to get enterprises an expedited time-to-value on the WorkSpan Platform.

The Quick Start Implementation Services offering is a fixed price, structured professional services engagement that includes consulting, project management, configuration, testing and integration, as requested on the order form. The Workspan services team will share industry best practices, analyze business requirements, manage the overall delivery of the project, build out the Workspan modules purchased, validate the model against requirements, and train end-users and the administrator on how to use the Workspan application.

The Quick Start Implementation Services includes the following:

Implementation including integration for any ONE of the following WorkSpan application

  • Joint Sales
  • Joint Marketing
  • Joint Solutions: Ideate → Build → Launch
  • Funds Management

If you wish to implement additional applications or programs, please contact your Customer Success Manager and / or Account Executive.


The Quick Start Implementation Services are purchased on a fixed price and fixed number of hours, plus expenses (if travel is required)

Work Hours:

  • The Quick Start Implementation Services work performed is predicated on a forty-hour (40-hour) work week at eight (8) hours per day, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm local time, Monday through Friday, excluding Customer holidays and travel hours.


  • Customers will reimburse WorkSpan for all authorized, reasonable and verifiable travel, meal and lodging expenses for all WorkSpan personnel who travel in support of the Professional Services. Such expenses will be billable at cost and borne solely by Customer. Customers will pay all amounts in accordance with the Agreement or the applicable Order Form. For reference, expenses are estimated at 20% of the Professional Services fees. Expenses will be invoiced: (a) within ten (10) business days of the first day of each month for the expenses paid by WorkSpan during the preceding month; or (b) immediately for fees agreed upon up-front as a fixed fee.

Deliverables in Scope

The Quick Start Implementation Services includes the following two elements:

  • Implementation of ONE application including 1 integration

In-Scope Services

Use Case Delivery:

  • Conduct sessions to provide insights on channel ecosystem best practices.
  • Conduct and lead use case discovery sessions to build a portfolio of use-cases.


  • Analyze use-cases and current business process flows
  • Map out data integration touch points
  • Map out end user personas

Data Modeling and Loading: Map use-cases to WorkSpan data objects

  • Conduct a data modeling exercise to model and structure client data within the WorkSpan data objects
  • Map out integration requirements
  • Identify network dependencies (e.g., partners already on network, customer programs already on network)


  • Build Demo environment
    • Configure 1 plan (Sales,Marketing or Solution)
    • Configure 1 template (Opportunity, Activity or Solution)
    • Configure 1 workflow
    • Configure up to 5 sample metrics
    • Configure up to 5 views
  • Build 1 integration
  • Build and test on a Testing environment
  • Build and test on Production environment

Modeling Validation 

  • Validate build against requirements

Data Import

  • Build a data configuration template to bring channel pre-pipeline data into WorkSpan
  • Train the channel team on how to upload pre-pipeline opportunity data using the Import/Export tool


  • Build up to 1 integration to bring data from the client’s system into WorkSpan

Project Assumptions

The following assumptions are built based on information provided by the client related to business requirements, current business systems and processes as gathered in the sales cycle.

  1. Client participation is critical for the success of the project. The WorkSpan Services team and the Client project team will jointly manage this project.
  2. Client will ensure IT resources required for this project will be accessible as needed  throughout the course of the project engagement.
  3. Clients will ensure subject matter experts are available when needed for providing specific details on outcomes, metrics, and processes.
  4. All change requests post Go-Live will follow a change control procedure. All project change requests must be submitted, scoped and processed through the change control procedure and executed by both parties before being undertaken by the project team.
  5. Any scope changes or non-availability of client resources or environments may result in project delays, increased project costs.
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