Revenue Planning Model

The Total Impact of Complete Cloud Sales

This guided model illustrates how partnering with AWS and adding an AWS marketplace and co-selling motion can impact your 2 year pipeline and revenue plan.

Enter four key partnership assumptions and define your schedule to deliver them to chart the impact to a fully customizable baseline business model.

Partnering with your cloud provider, co-selling with their field team, and making your solution available through the cloud marketplace drives significant improvements to key pipeline and revenue metrics- average deal size, win rates, referral pipeline, and your time to close.

Go past the top-line statistics to model the impact that building a complete cloud sales program could have on your business quarter over quarter.

  • Align finance & revenue leadership on the importance of your cloud partnership
  • Create an annual and quarterly plan for your cloud sales motion
  • Highlight the impact your partnership has on the total GTM motion and not just sourced pipeline to align goals & compensation

For discussion or help with this model:
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