A Trusted Marketing Network to Grow Your Business

Span boundaries to securely plan, build & run joint marketing campaigns and programs.

Democratize Marketing Planning

Create marketing programs with top down goals while inviting bottom-up ideas from your colleagues and partners. Grow momentum for your ideas with endorsements from influencers. Optimize joint resources and timelines with a goal-driven, collaborative discovery and planning process.

• Speed planning and revision cycle times
• Align shared campaign calendar
• Find and use best practices from the network
• Share ownership of ideas, activities, and success

Amplify Your Marketing Budget and Reach

Find and secure incremental funds from partners looking to leverage your best campaign ideas. Execute bigger campaigns, demonstrate value showing results in real time, secure reimbursements, and earn repeat business from happy partners.

• Run powerful campaigns despite tight budgets
• Share campaign results and get reimbursed quickly
• Identify pipeline gaps and reallocate resources in real time
• Find and invest in great ideas from across your ecosystem

Create Joint Partner Solutions and Accelerate Solution Launches

Create new joint solutions with your partners across company boundaries. Join your partners is a shared cloud environment to collaborate, contribute, review, approve and release new joint solutions. Simplify effort and accelerate launching new solutions to the market.

• Propose and create “progressive build” descriptions of joint solutions with flexible attributes (objectives, type, region, industry, team members, key dates, etc.)
• Establish business goals for the solution, such as number of people trained, customers acquired, revenue generated, etc, and track performance over time
• Collaboratively create and share all assets related to the joint solution, classify them based on purpose, review and approve them for distribution
• When launch date arrives, share the approved joint solution with other colleagues across participating partners to launch campaigns and build the business together

Drive Mutual Accountability to Performance

Share your marketing goals and results in a collaborative environment integrated to your existing  CRM or marketing automation system. Drive accountability with performance collected, reviewed, and shared seamlessly.

• Set program and campaign goals and track results through a shares system of record
• Bring performance date on each program and campaign integrated from each partner’s sales and marketing automation systems such as SFDC, Marketo and Eloqua
• Manage campaigns with live data-analytics to course-correct in real time

Networked Partners, Exponential Results

Discover avenues for joint marketing and foster deep relationships to win your market.

• Reduce time to market by discovering campaigns
• Source funds securely and privately on the network
• Deepen relationships with existing partners
• Browse companies and initiate new partnerships

Work from your desk, or on the go

Works with your Marketing Stack

WorkSpan integrates Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and other popular solutions across your Marketing Network with simple, easy to do integrations. It means everyone, across companies is on the same page. If you don’t see your application below, contact us to learn if it’s supported.

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