Unlock New Revenue Sources From Within Your Partner Ecosystem

Efficiently manage and scale your co-sell pipeline, revenue and wins with partners.

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Digitize Your Partner Ecosystem Operating Model With WorkSpan

Think of your ecosystem operating model as the flywheel to revenue. You can co-innovate with partners to develop and refine offerings for the future, co-market with your partners to generate demand, co-sell joint solutions to shared customers, and co-invest with partners to align and grow sales.
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Meet Our Customers

“WorkSpan is a great platform to create an account or opportunity and attach it to a marketing activity.”

Chris Cale

VP - Sales Programs and Operations, SAP

“The technology that WorkSpan brings enables real-time communication at the deal level, product roadmap level, at a global and regional level”

Jack Miller

SAP Global Markets Head, Cognizant

“User interface is very easy and the functionality is helpful for the work I do. We’ve increased the productivity of our partner management team by 40-50%.”

Janelle Harris

Principal Alliances Partner Marketing Manager, Red Hat

“It's been an amazing transformation of how we do the work and how we're keeping everything all in one place. We’ve been able to reduce our costs, so we’ve put that back into helping drive engagement.”

Joan Richards

Director - Global Alliances and Partner Marketing, Red Hat

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Create a Joint Partner Plan

Efficiently plan and execute co-sell motions with cloud hyperscalers through a shared view of joint planning at the global, regional, and account level. Rich collaboration features enable efficient planning, accelerates execution with activity updates, eases task assignment, and automates partner workflows.

Co-Sell with Partners

Co-sell in joint accounts, create account plans, share and receive referrals, run cadence calls with live data, view real-time opportunities connected to multiple partners’ CRMs, track KPIs, and always be QBR-ready at the push of a button.
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Co-Innovate to Build Better solutions

Beat your competitors to market. Launch new solutions 6X faster with cross-company workflows and co-innovation collaboration. Co-innovate and manage a portfolio of joint solutions to deliver marketplace-ready offerings with speed.
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Co-Market to Increase Leads

Drive more revenue with partners by launching and automating streamlined co-marketing programs. Manage co-marketing programs with shared plans and activities and automated lead distribution.
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Co-Invest in Joint Initiatives

This isn’t your grandfather’s MDF program. Align partners to drive customer wins, expansions, and renewals with full lifecycle incentives. Define and manage joint funds, partner incentives, and claims with collaborative decision-making. Drive fund utilization and comply with audit requirements.
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Why Workspan?


Build Accountability With Always Accurate Data

Synchronize your CRM with your partners’ CRM to enable bi-directional integration and keep your data synced at all times.


Scale Up Your Partner Ecosystem - And Your Revenue

Automate and simplify end-to-end processes across partnering motions to drive ecosystem revenue at scale.


Instantly Measure Ecosystem Performance

See real-time insights and dynamic analytics to measure performance and quickly identify and take corrective actions


Best-In-Class Ecosystem Business Processes

Access best-practice templates, workflows, and integrations to get more value from your partner engagements.


154% Joint Revenue Growth Achieved with Strategic Partner
SAP's Global Strategic Service Provider (GSSP) partner program saw pipeline for a strategic SI partner grow 154% during a pilot initiative.

Currently expanding the program to over 200+ partners, SAP’s GSSP team and their partners are able to more accurately attribute the impact of partner activities on pre-pipeline and find new opportunities to make each partnership shine.
"Our approach is to drive quantified collaboration for the Global Strategic Services Partner program where collaboration results in positive customer outcomes. WorkSpan is the first tool that helps us accomplish this."
Mike Bruchey
Global VP Partner Solutions, Global
Business Development & Ecosystem
MDF Program Achieves 67x ROI With No Increase In Headcount
Prior to WorkSpan, Red Hat’s Market Development Fund Program was highly manual and complex. Lengthy approval and claim cycle times took up to 3 weeks, delaying GTM field efforts and revenue opportunities.

By digitizing their MDF program on WorkSpan, Red Hat removed 6 steps and reduced campaign cycle times 75%. This allowed Red Hat to increase campaigns managed by 62% and funding managed by 22%, ultimately generating a 67x ROI.
“WorkSpan really allowed us to expand our breadth of engagement, and utilize and request more funding- without adding any headcount. Our investment in WorkSpan paid for itself the first year.”
Joan Richards
Director Global Alliances and Partner Marketing, Red Hat
Aligning Commercial Models To Drive Pipeline
The joint SAP and Microsoft “Embrace” team needed a way to track opportunities from pre-pipeline to close that would accommodate multiple commercial models, provide data consistency, and meet rigorous compliance requirements.

Digitizing the program on WorkSpan enables the team to coordinate joint sales and pipeline reviews, have regional teams work off of one single source of truth, and bring in consistent data to track joint KPI’s- all while maintaining data privacy.
"WorkSpan has helped us address the difficult challenge of organizing joint sales pursuits between two global companies with different commercial models."
Connor McCarren
Go-to-Market and Field Operations,
Digitization Drives Increase In Partner Projects​
The innovative “Amplify” program, a joint VMware and Intel initiative to drive growth technologies in the channel, needed to make their program easier to use for their partners. Siloed, manual processes, lengthy approval times, and challenges getting accurate reports were hindering growth.

Since digitizing on WorkSpan, the program has reduced time for proposal approvals from weeks to less than one day, enabling POC’s to launch faster. The error-prone, manual reporting process that previously took 2+ days is now available near real-time with increased accuracy, helping shape the program now and for the future.
“Putting in WorkSpan to streamline the process has been great. It’s more dynamic, with real time data about the opportunity, such as which partners and solutions are involved.”​
John McAtee
Global Account Manager, VMWare

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