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Hyperscaler Edition for Microsoft

Get cloud sales ready, efficiently co-sell and scale your Microsoft partnership with WorkSpan.

Referral Ratio

Automated referral flow with cloud hyperscalers that generates 1 inbound referral for you as a partner for every 2 referrals shared with cloud hyperscaler.


Increase in average deal size with cutting down of manual tasks leading to better co-sell collaboration with Microsoft’s field sellers.


Increase in deal velocity due to early visibility to co-sell opportunities, better collaboration leading to cutting down of deal cycle times.


referrals transacted between partners and cloud hyperscalers in 2023. The most trusted network for co-sell engagement with cloud providers.

Trusted by Leading Microsoft Partners


A complete solution to scale your Microsoft partnership

Microsoft has 40K partners. It can be hard to know where to start and get more mindshare among so many partners and joint solutions.

Co-Sell Engagement Bottlenecks

Efficiently coordinating sales efforts, tracking co-sell opportunities, and ensuring a streamlined co-sell process can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Listing and Visibility Challenges

Ensuring your listings receive adequate visibility on Azure Marketplace can be a challenge. Many partners struggle to stand out amidst the vast array of offerings, making it difficult to capture the attention of potential customers.

Managing Complex Transactions

Managing complex, private offers tailored to enterprise customers can be overwhelming. Partners often grapple with aligning pricing, terms, and customer-specific requirements while maintaining a smooth and efficient transaction process.

Complete Cloud Sales with WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition for Microsoft

Turnkey, full service cloud partner ops

WorkSpan Hyperscaler edition is a full service solution to handle every operational aspect of running your cloud partnership so you can focus where your company needs you- building your partnership.
Planning & Reporting
Marketplace Listing Management
Your Product Offering
Microsoft Azure
Marketplace Listings
Co-Sell Automation
HubspotSalesforceMicrosoft Dynamics
Your CRM
Microsoft Partner
Center Portal
Private Offer Management
Your Sales Process
Microsoft Azure
Marketplace Transactions

Accelerated Co-Sell and
Marketplace Impact

Simplify listing management for faster go-to-market with Microsoft, accessing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), and increased seller support.

Efficient Co-Sell Operations

Enhance co-sell efficiency, plan motions, manage referrals, and automate workflows with real-time notifications.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Gain insights from auto-generated reports and visualized charts, optimizing pipeline management and resource allocation.

Accelerated Co-Sell Growth

Automate co-sell processes, scale quickly, and focus on growth while WorkSpan handles complexities.

Streamlined Marketplace Transactions

Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM for unified transactions on Azure Marketplace, assuring compliance and simplified performance management.

Unleashing Co-Sell Revenue: Abnormal Security's Triumph with Microsoft
  • 70% increase in referral acceptance rates
  • 97% reduction in time per opportunity submission
  • 15X more co-sell referral volume a month
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WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition for Microsoft

Find more about the WorkSpan solution on Microsoft marketplace. Launch, co-sell and scale Microsoft partnership for co-sell success.

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Streamline Your Cloud Hyperscaler Journey fromListing to Co-Selling to Transactions

Listing Creation and Management

Manage creation and submission of the marketplace listings on your behalf. Ensure listings adhere to marketplace guidelines and are accurately published with all the necessary information, images, and documentation.

Bi-Directionally Share Referrals without Manual Data Entry

Auto-import and submit opportunities to the Microsoft Partner Center from inside your CRM with just a few clicks. Ensure timely, error-free referral submissions with opportunity value and sales stage mapping, referral form autofill, and validations. Keeps data synced between your CRM and Partner Center

Private Offer Management

Seamless Salesforce CRM integration facilitates the execution of your sales processes on Azure Marketplace. Your Opportunity, Customer Quote, and Order Management processes effortlessly meet Azure marketplace's requirements.

Real-time Reporting on Co-Sell Performance

Get clear sales performance insights in real-time with auto-generated reports. Visualize your co-sell performance with intuitive charts - actuals vs. goals, partner-sourced revenue, performance by region, marketplace transactions and more.

Support and Issue Resolution

WorkSpan offers support and assistance in addressing any inquiries, issues, or challenges related to the marketplace listings. We act as a point of contact for organizations, ensuring prompt resolution of any listing-related concerns.

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With a fast time to value, full control of your Cloud Marketplace listings, and the only enterprise-grade co-sell automation engine on the market, WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition helps launch and scale the world’s most valuable cloud partnerships.