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WorkSpan Marketplace Accelerator for Microsoft

Simplify and accelerate launch of your Microsoft marketplace listings.


Complex Marketplace Listing Process

Publishing a transactable listing on the Microsoft Marketplace requires an in-depth knowledge of its guidelines and technical requirements.

Lack of Time & Resources

Dedicated resources are required to research the process, manage the project with Microsoft, develop API integrations, configure and test the solution, and more.

Missed Access to Committed Cloud Spend

Without a transactable listing, you will not be able to execute marketplace private offer deals and access committed cloud spend (MACC) of end customers.

Reduced Support from Microsoft Field

You will not be able to maximize support from the Microsoft field and find it difficult to stand out without the ability to close co-sell deals through private offers.


Accelerate Your Go-to-Market on the Microsoft Marketplace


WorkSpan Marketplace Accelerator for Microsoft is a service offering designed to simplify and accelerate the launch of your transactable listings on the Microsoft Marketplace. 

With in-depth knowledge of marketplace requirements and best practice methodologies, WorkSpan helps you with all aspects of publishing your listings, from preparing your marketplace content and developing API integrations to conducting end-to-end testing and providing support after go-live.

You own and control your marketplace listings, with WorkSpan providing support to accelerate time-to-market while minimizing resources and lift required from your team.


  • Launch marketplace go-to-market motions and private offer capabilities in several weeks, not months
  • Expand your access to end customers with Microsoft cloud spend commitments (MACC)
  • Minimize time and resources required by your team to publish and support marketplace listings
  • Increase co-sell deal volume and support from Microsoft field teams
  • Streamline procurement and close deals faster with end customers

Expertise and Guidance

Deep knowledge and expertise in the listing process, ensuring compliance with marketplace guidelines, technical requirements, and best practices.

Efficient Listing Creation

Expertly manage technical aspects, documentation, and content delivering an accurate and compelling listing showcasing the solution's key features and benefits.

Optimization and Visibility

Best practices and techniques to optimize your listings to improve visibility and discoverability ensuring potential customers can easily find and explore your offerings.

Ongoing Management and Updates

Ongoing support and management of the listing. Handling updates, pricing changes, and customer inquiries. Ensure that the listing is regularly maintained, and up-to-date.

Customer Support

Act as a point of contact for customer inquiries and issues related to the listing. Ensure prompt and effective communication, addressing customer concerns and providing assistance when needed.

WorkSpan provides white-glove services to help you publish and manage your Microsoft Marketplace listings


Qualification of Solutions

Active Cloud seller account, Help solution readiness on Cloud services.

Make the solution ready for the Marketplace.


Pre-Listing Activities

Cloud Subscription setup, Identify scope, pricing, content, personas, legal contracts etc, and technical integration.

Validation of marketplace deployment package.


Create Product on Marketplace

Prepare product type, plan, template, architectural deliverables, blueprints etc, and API integration.

Create the product on the Marketplace.


Test Product Listing

Test technical integration. Simulate listing, search and reporting scenarios.

Product ready for publishing.


Publish to Marketplace

Publish to Marketplace or Update existing listings.

Transactable solution on Marketplace.


Support and Operations

Support services on policy, docs, communications, readiness, problem management, recommendation, and resolution.

On-going support.

Streamline Your Marketplace Listing Journey with WorkSpan

Solution Packaging

WorkSpan assists in packaging the organization's solutions for the marketplace. This involves bundling the software, dependencies, configurations, and relevant documentation to meet the marketplace requirements and ensure a seamless deployment experience for customers.
graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application

Listing Creation and Management

WorkSpan handles the creation and submission of the marketplace listings on behalf of the organization. We ensure that the listings adhere to marketplace guidelines and are accurately published with all the necessary information, images, and documentation.

Support and Issue Resolution

WorkSpan offers support and assistance in addressing any inquiries, issues, or challenges related to the marketplace listings. We act as a point of contact for organizations, ensuring prompt resolution of any listing-related concerns.
graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application

Optimization and Visibility

WorkSpan offers ongoing support and management of the listing. This includes handling updates, pricing changes, and customer inquiries. They ensure that the listing is regularly maintained, accurate, and up-to-date.

Customer Support

WorkSpan provides customer support services, acting as a point of contact for your inquiries. The service ensures prompt and effective communication, addressing your questions and concerns and providing assistance when needed.
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Flexible Plans to Accelerate Your Co-Sell Business

Automate and simplify co-sell referral sharing with AWS ACE Centerand CRM integrations.
Billed Annually
Including these features:
Referral and Opportunity Management
Partner Center and CRM Integration
5 Application Users
Manage a data-driven co-sell business across regions or business units with partner plans and real-time analytics.
Billed Annually
Including these features:
Real-time Reporting and Analytics
Regional or Business Unit Plans
20 Application Users
Plan and execute co-sell motions with unlimited user access. Customize your metrics, reporting, and opportunity fields.
Billed Annually
Including these features:
Custom Metrics and Reporting
Custom Opportunity Fields
Unlimited Application Users
Pricing plans above are for one cloud partner connection only.
One-time implementation fee applies ($3,900 for Standard; $4,900 for Professional; $6,900 for Premium)

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