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Partnering Strategy
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21 Business Statistics Every Alliance Professional Needs To Know

Vishal Kalia

Looking for the latest business statistics on what the industry leaders are focusing on and saying about Ecosystem approach to stay competitive - we got you covered.

New Business model:

1. By 2025, almost a third of total global sales will come from ecosystems. (2)2. Ecosystems could unlock $100 trillion of value for business and wider society over the next 10 years. (1)3. An emerging set of digital ecosystems could account for more than $60 trillion in revenues by 2025, or more than 30 percent of global corporate revenues. (2)4. 76% - Business leaders surveyed by Accenture in the United States who agree that current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 5 years - ecosystems will be the main change event. (3)5. 46% of executives are actively seeking ecosystems and new business models, according to research by Accenture. (3)6. Only 8% of companies feel their current business models are long-term viable. (2)7. 63% of businesses view the ability to innovate as the top opportunity presented by ecosystems. (3)8. McKinsey research confirms: Incumbents moving boldly into the industry command a 20 percent share, on average, of digitizing markets. That compares with only 5 percent for digital natives on the prowl. (2)

New Ideas & New Customers:

9. 44% of companies seek alliances for new ideas, insights & innovation. (4)10. 55% - executives believe that ecosystems participation allows businesses to access new markets and new customers. (3)11. 57% of organizations confirm they use partnerships to acquire new customers. (4)12. 45% of executives agree that keeping strategic partnership active and mutually rewarding is the biggest challenge. (4)


13. 77% of executives share data with some restrictions within the ecosystem and are concerned about data security. (1)14. 34% of executives are worried about cybersecurity. (3)


15. 64% of ecosystem masters realize the value of choosing the right technology platform for their ecosystem. (1)16. 74% of organizations would consider partnership automation. (4)

Intellectual property:

17. 92% of ecosystem non-masters fear sharing company assets, competitive advantage, and intellectual property. (1)


18. 7 of the top 12 largest companies by market capitalization—Alibaba, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tencent—are ecosystem players. (2)19. 39% of organizations do not have a formal partner management strategy. (4)20. 40% of executives surveyed by KPMG say that strategic alliances need to move up the C-level on a par with classic M&A. (5)21. 83% of digital ecosystems involve partners from four or more industries, and 53% involve partners from six or more industries. (6)The importance of statistics in business is undeniable because statistics act as the industry’s pulse and nudge business leaders in the right direction. As you can see from the business statistics above, that for forward-looking organizations, new business model rely on ecosystems for new ideas and innovations. Utilize them to cultivate your business strategy and stay competitive in the next decade.Resources:

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  3. Accenture: A cornerstone of future growth: Ecosystems
  4. BPI Network: A report on the strategic value of business alliances and compatible partner matching
  5. KPMG: Strategic alliances: a real alternative to M&A
  6. BCG: How collaborative platforms and ecosystems are changing innovation

About Vishal Kalia

Vishal is the Director of Content Marketing & Social Media and leads our Alliance Aces Community. He has been in marketing for 14+ years and writes about ecosystem cloud, alliance strategies, and digital transformation.

Partnering Strategy

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