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WorkSpan Secures Top Spot as Champion in Canalys Global Co-Sell Leadership Matrix 2023

Nitin Mathur

In the age of GenAI, where artificial intelligence propels businesses forward at an unprecedented pace, the significance of right partnerships to drive innovation and participation in those robust ecosystems cannot be overstated. Now, more than ever, such partner ecosystems  have become integral to driving innovation and success. 

In this context, where ecosystems have become the lifeblood of innovation, the Canalys Global Co-Sell Software Leadership Matrix 2023 report emerges as an important guidance for those navigating the complex terrain of partnerships and collaborative ventures, celebrating the pioneers of collaborative excellence.

Amidst the acknowledgements, WorkSpan stands as a leader, ranking at the top of the ‘Champions’ quadrant - a testament to its commitment to innovation and collaborative success in the ever-evolving landscape of co-selling. As we celebrate this achievement, we delve into the key criteria, innovative methodologies, and the profound impact this recognition holds for WorkSpan and its diverse range of customers.

Fig 1: WorkSpan listed at the top in the Champion quadrant of the Canalys Global Co-Sell Software Leadership Matrix 2023

Partnership Struggles and Fragmentation

Partnerships were often plagued by a lack of cohesion and efficient management. The absence of a centralized platform meant that organizations engaged in co-selling, whether with Cloud Hyperscalers, GSIs, ISVs, Consultants, or MSPs, struggled with collaboration. Vital aspects like data-sharing, account mapping, and collaboration workflows were hindered, leading to a disjointed approach to joint value creation.

Attribution in a post-cookie environment was challenging, leaving partners without a clear understanding of their impact on marketing, sales, and retention. The absence of a robust digital marketplace and integration support meant that organizations faced hurdles in expanding market opportunities and transitioning to new business models. 

Additionally, the lack of streamlined ecosystem management and orchestration tools hindered various partnership activities, from onboarding to collaboration and performance reporting. This resulted in a suboptimal and manual approach to managing partnerships, slowing down processes and limiting the full potential of collaborative ecosystems. 

Why WorkSpan Emerged as a Champion

WorkSpan addresses these challenges by providing a unified platform that streamlines every facet of partnership management, fostering seamless collaboration, innovation, and joint value creation.

At the core of WorkSpan's success is its commitment to innovation and dedication in defining best-practice methodologies for co-sell excellence. This helped set WorkSpan apart in Canalys' comprehensive assessment. From secure data-sharing to streamlined collaboration, WorkSpan excels in every facet essential for successful co-selling endeavors. Its automation capabilities, seamless integration with diverse tools, and a customer-centric approach position it as the go-to solution for organizations navigating collaborative ecosystems.

Understanding Canalys' Assessment Criteria

Canalys' rigorous evaluation encompassed five primary criteria, blending written submissions, live product demonstrations, and invaluable insights from customers across the vendor ecosystem. This holistic approach ensured a nuanced understanding of each vendor's role in driving collaborative success. From ecosystem data and mapping to influence attribution, marketplace integrations, management orchestration, and recruitment visualization, WorkSpan emerged triumphant across these parameters.

Significance of the Ranking

For WorkSpan, this ranking signifies more than just a title; it represents a validation of its commitment to innovation, customer success, and shaping the future of co-selling. As a Champion, WorkSpan stands as a beacon of excellence, providing assurance to customers that they are partnering with a platform at the forefront of collaborative innovation.

This recognition amplifies WorkSpan's role as a trusted partner, empowering organizations across diverse partner types and ecosystems. The platform's commitment to leveraging best-practice methodologies, automation, and expertise translates into exceptional partner experiences. For customers, it signifies not just a software solution but a strategic advantage — a catalyst for revenue growth, successful collaborations, and unparalleled value creation.

As WorkSpan embraces its Champion status, we look ahead with excitement to the continued journey of innovation, collaboration, and co-selling excellence. This recognition propels us to set new standards, push boundaries, and remain at the forefront of empowering organizations for success in collaborative ecosystems. Join us in celebrating this achievement as we pave the way for a future where co-sell software excellence knows no bounds.

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Director, Product Marketing

About Nitin Mathur

Nitin Mathur is a marketing maverick with an extensive experience in the tech, telecom, and consumer electronics industry. As Director of Product Marketing at WorkSpan, Nitin is on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses manage their multi-partner ecosystems with WorkSpan's cutting-edge product capabilities. Prior to his stint at WorkSpan, Nitin worked at various marketing positions at some of the biggest names in the industry, including IBM, Motorola, and Philips. He is also a tech enthusiast passionate about harnessing technology's power to solve real-world problems.

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