Co-Sell with Microsoft

Turnkey SaaS platform for efficiently managing and scaling
your Microsoft co-sell business

We just launched our co-sell automation platform

for the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program!

Accelerate Your Co-Sell Business

Co-Sell with Microsoft is a
Massive Opportunity

Enterprise spend on Azure cloud is growing rapidly, and customers want Microsoft and partner solutions to be sold together as one. Co-sell with Microsoft provides
access to new markets, a powerful referral engine, and a platform for scaling your revenue growth.

Partners Face
Many Challenges

Co-sell processes can be highly manual and full of friction, making it difficult for you to capture much of the value in a co-sell partnership. Countless hours spent on data entry to share referrals, disjointed collaboration using spreadsheets and emails, to name a few.

Co-Sell Requires a
Dedicated Tool

Fortunately, WorkSpan provides a SaaS platform for efficiently managing your co-sell business. WorkSpan helps you automate and streamline co-sell processes so you can increase your referral volume with Microsoft, accelerate deal cycles, and scale your co-sell business with speed.

The World's Leading Technology Companies Drive Co-Sell Revenue with their Partners on WorkSpan

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WorkSpan Salesforce Application

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Co-Sell with Microsoft from Salesforce

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Co-Sell with Microsoft from Hubspot

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Automate and Simplify Co-Sell Referral Sharing

Referral Sharing without Manual Data Entry

Auto-import and submit your CRM opportunities to Microsoft Partner Center with just a few simple clicks.

Ensure timely, error-free referral submissions with opportunity value and sales stage mapping, referral form autofill and validations.

Quickly accept inbound referrals and auto-create CRM opportunities. Avoid duplicate CRM records with our opportunity merge feature.


Automated Data Sync Between Your CRM and Partner Center

Keep your opportunity data synced between your CRM and Partner Center with bi-directional integration.

Automate sharing of deal updates and insights with Microsoft and improve your co-sell execution.

Gain full control over your data with granular and configurable data sharing, access, and security policies.

Efficiently Plan and Execute Co-Sell Motions

Intuitive Dashboard for Tracking Opportunities

Gain complete visibility into your co-sell opportunities in one place by sales stage, region, or other filters.

Track pipeline, won opportunities, partner-sourced revenues, and other key metrics for your co-sell business.

Keep everyone on the same page with a shared view of co-sell data. Empower your team to quickly take action on deals that need attention.


Single Platform for Co-Sell Planning and Execution

Manage your sales and account plans, opportunity collaboration and workflows in one place to enable efficient and repeatable processes.

Accelerate your deal execution by posting cadence notes, assigning tasks, and automating workflows.

Get instant notifications on key events in your preferred communication channel such as Teams or Slack.

Track Performance and Enable Data-Driven Actions

Real-Time Sales Performance Reporting and Charts

Get clear sales performance insights in real-time with WorkSpan’s auto-generated reports.

Visualize your co-sell performance with intuitive charts - actuals vs. goals, pipeline metrics, performance by region or solution, and more.


Data-Driven Actions to Improve Performance

Easily share performance reports and charts with your team, internal stakeholders, and Microsoft to enable better planning and execution.

Leverage data insights to drive more effective pipeline management, partner plans, resource investment decisions, and QBRs.

Offload IT and Operational Burdens

Turnkey Solution with Best Practices and Expert Support

WorkSpan provides best practices, templates and hands-on guidance so that your team can be up and running in a few weeks instead of spending months and valuable resources on complex custom development.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and manage the continual changes in Microsoft’s APIs and processes so you can avoid disruptions and focus on growing your co-sell business.


Scale Your Co-Sell Business with Speed

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Eliminate Manual Work
and Free Up Time

Eliminate many hours of manual data entry and repetitive work. Free up valuable time to focus on customer deals and growing your co-sell business.

msftcosell icon increase referral velocity

Increase Your Referral
Volume and Velocity

Share more referrals faster with Microsoft and provide better pipeline visibility. Increase access to co-sell opportunities and benefits from Microsoft.

msftcosell icon scale cosell business

Scale Your Revenue Growth
with Speed

Grow your co-sell business efficiently with streamlined processes, faster deal cycles, and automation. Maximize your ROI with data-driven decisions.

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