Co-Sell with Microsoft

Turnkey solution for efficiently managing and scaling your
Microsoft co-sell business

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Automate and Simplify Your Referral Sharing

Automated Referral and Opportunity Sharing

Efficiently submit referrals and opportunities to Microsoft and receive automated updates triggered by Microsoft actions (e.g., referral accepted).

View opportunities from Microsoft in near real-time and accept inbound referrals more quickly.

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Automatically Synchronization Across Your CRM and Microsoft

Keep your opportunity data synced across your CRM and Microsoft Partner Center with bi-directional integration.

Gain full control over data sharing with configurable access and auto-create/auto-link policies.

Eliminate manual data entry so you can focus your time on building your co-sell business.

Efficiently Manage and Track Your Co-Sell Pipeline

Single Dashboard for Tracking Your Co-Sell Opportunities

Gain complete visibility into your co-sell opportunities in one place by stage, sales plan, or other filters.

Use pre-built sales plan and opportunity templates to manage your co-sell goals and activities.

Streamline your team’s collaboration by posting cadence notes, assigning tasks, and providing a shared view of data.

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Real-time Sales Performance Metrics and Charts

Get sales performance metrics in real-time and visualize it with charts - actuals vs. goals, pipeline metrics, performance by region or product, and more.

Empower your team to quickly identify and take action on deals that need attention and be “QBR-ready” at all times.

Scale Your Co-Sell Business with Speed

Turnkey Solution for Fast Time-to-Value

WorkSpan delivers a turnkey solution so that your team can be up and running in less than a week.

Our solution also comes prepackaged with templates, workflows, and integrations with your CRM and Microsoft Partner Center to enable your team to get value from Day 1.


Platform for Efficiently Scaling Your Co-Sell Business

Run your co-sell business on WorkSpan to automate your data sharing, streamline your deal execution, and scale your co-sell business with speed.

WorkSpan will take care of the heavy lifting so that you can avoid the operational and IT burden of manual processes and focus on growing your co-sell business.

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