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"Alliance management is very
 data-intensive, especially when collaborating on joint programs. WorkSpan unifies data from CRM systems, partners, marketing, and product management that allows me to do everything with partners in a secure way."
Roland Wartenberg
Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances, NetApp

4-day, 14-step manual reporting process eliminated

NetApp's complex SAP partnership ecosystem has shifted from being managed via email, spreadsheets, and manual reporting to the platform purpose-built for ecosystems, WorkSpan.

With WorkSpan, the four-day, 14-step monthly reporting process has been eliminated, with automatic dashboards providing insights to drive timely business decisions.

154% joint revenue growth achieved with strategic partner

SAP's Global Strategic Service Provider (GSSP) partner program saw pipeline for a strategic SI partner grow 154% during a pilot initiative.

Currently expanding the program to over 200+ partners, SAP’s GSSP team and their partners are able to more accurately attribute the impact of partner activities on pre-pipeline and find new opportunities to make each partnership shine.

"Our approach is to drive quantified collaboration for the Global Strategic Services Partner program where collaboration results in positive customer outcomes. WorkSpan is the first tool that helps us accomplish this."
Mike Bruchey

Global VP Partner Solutions, Global Business
Development & Ecosystem, SAP
"WorkSpan allows us to assess what we're doing from a partner engagement perspective, which effectively for us has resulted in a shortened time span to close an opportunity."
Ricky Mehta
GTM Program Manager, Radware, Microsoft Partner-to-Partner program partner

Increasing joint opportunities
 by 50%

As the "connections and collaboration" platform for the Microsoft Partner-to-Partner (P2P) program, WorkSpan facilitates the scale needed to operationalize the shift to many:many partnering for an ecosystem of over 300,000 companies.

P2P partners, such as Radware, are realizing the benefits of joint engagements, with increases of up to 50% in joint opportunities and shorter times to deal close.

85% increase in MDF utilization

Almost two-thirds of market development funds (MDF) in SUSE’s partner program were going unused, with little ROI data available to help inform how to invest the remaining funds.

After implementing WorkSpan, the team saw an 85% increase in MDF funds utilization, and new ROI dashboards helped the team better understand the strategies that were working and replicate their success.

"WorkSpan’s shared network is like having a QBR in a box, with ROI analysis for all partner activities and 360-degree visibility through detailed dashboards and reports."
Bret Dayley
IHV Alliance Marketing Lead
"Everything was siloed, with duplication of effort. WorkSpan is truly helping us streamline by eliminating the need to create, update and consolidate multiple versions of multiple spreadsheets."
Gareth Beck
WW Marketing Analyst, Lenovo

30% reduction in manual efforts

Lenovo moved to WorkSpan from their previous homegrown system due to inefficiencies in workflow (including an eight-step process for funds claims!) and lack of visibility into program execution and performance.

With WorkSpan, workflows are standardized onto one global system, reducing manual efforts by 30% and providing real time reporting on KPIs.

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