Ecosystem Access Control

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Ecosystem Access control on workspan

Partner with Confidence and
Reduce Risk

Traditional partnership management methods relied on sharing data via spreadsheets, leading to security lapses, data quality issues, bottlenecks, poor reporting, and scalability challenges.

With WorkSpan's Ecosystem Access Control, invited partners join a shared object space where security policies are enforced at the field level, ensuring that private data is only visible to company employees.

This centralized approach enhances security, improves data quality, and allows for better reporting, scaling up partnership activities for long-term success.
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WorkSpan Attribute-Based Access Control Benefits

Extend your security policy to your ecosystem edge

Field-level security, sharing specific fields with specific partners based on policies

Dynamic field-level access based on multiple criteria like workflow stages

Security policies defined at the company and program levels

Actions controlled based on program participation

Search enforces dynamic access controls

Reporting enforces dynamic access controls

Minimize Risk with Secure, Successful Partnerships on One Network

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Securely Grant Access

Company admins can configure policies to grant automatic access to users on your company’s data in WorkSpan. Audit and update employee access.

Manage access at scale for any number of users in your organization and for partner users added to your objects.

Enforce Data Security

WorkSpan enforces rigorous safeguards to ensure that your confidential data stays that way.

Admins decide data privacy policies and how private fields are handled so Partner Managers can share joint opportunities, sales plans, solutions across your ecosystem with confidence they will not mistakenly divulge secure data.

For example, enable WorkSpan Privacy Mode to hide all private fields when sharing your screen on cadence calls with your partners.
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Securely Share Programs

Company admins configure access policies that cascade to linked objects. Centrally administer your user groups (including partners’ teams) at the partner program or plan level and the right access is granted across all objects in that program or plan.

For example, Partner Program members can be automatically granted access to Sales Plans, Solutions, Opportunities and other linked objects to that program.

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