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Scale Co-Selling with Best-in-Class Integrations
Enable Seamless Collaboration with Partners
Automate and Simplify Ecosystem Management

Integrations to grow revenue from your partner ecosystem.

Leverage integrations pre-built to advance your partner co-selling needs

Robust pre-built API-based integrations built for partner ecosystems that fit a myriad of use cases and are aligned to ecosystem best practices.

Embed WorkSpan business processes into your existing apps

Enable seamless data sharing and consolidation to provide a single source of truth that partners can leverage to track and measure ecosystem performance.

Enable limitless use cases to engage deeply with your partner ecosystem

Identify and request new integration use cases and business systems that fit your partner ecosystem's unique needs.

Many Ways to Make
Integrations Simple

WorkSpan has the perfect fit for harmonizing your and your partner's business data and applications.

Simplify partnering with Cloud

Automate and streamline your processes to co-sell with cloud hyperscalers like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. Accelerate deal cycles, and quickly scale your co-sell revenue.

Co-Sell with partners from Inside your CRM

Integrate WorkSpan with your CRM to get unparalleled capability to simplify opportunity referral sharing with partners from inside your CRM.

Securely connect with your partner's business applications

Automatically sync data on marketing activities, leads, co-sell opportunities, and accounts from across your and your partner’s marketing automation systems.

Leverage the power of complementary tools

Engage partners with collaboration and file-sharing integrations and drive deeper collaboration for partnering success.

Meet Our Customers

“WorkSpan affords us the ability to take information from different systems and pull it all together, which we certainly would not have been able to do before.”

Michael Bruchey

Global Vice President, Strategic Partners, Partner Ecosystem Success, SAP

“We needed a solution that met our data integrity and GDPR requirements. WorkSpan has provided that.”

Margaret Synan

Director Business Strategy, WW SAP on Azure Lead, Microsoft