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Co-Sell with Google
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Co-Sell with Cloud Hyperscalers

Co-Sell with Google

WorkSpan platform to automate and manage co-sell opportunity sharing with Google Partners.

About Co-Sell with Google

WorkSpan provides a SaaS platform that helps you efficiently manage your Google co-sell business and automate referral and opportunity sharing with Google Partners.

Co-Sell with Google Features

Co-sell referral sharing without manual data entry

Auto-import and submit your CRM opportunities to Google Partner Advantage with just a few simple clicks. Ensure timely and error-free referral submissions with opportunity value and sales stage mapping, referral form autofill and validations. Quickly accept inbound referrals and auto-create CRM opportunities.

Automated data sync between your CRM and Google Partners

Keep your opportunity data synced between your CRM and Google Partners with bi-directional integration. Automate sharing of deal updates and insights with Microsoft. Gain full control over your data with granular and configurable data sharing, access, and security policies.

Intuitive dashboard for tracking opportunities

Gain complete visibility into your co-sell opportunities in one place by sales stage, region, or other filters. Track pipeline, won opportunities, partner-sourced revenues, and other key metrics for your co-sell business.

Single platform for co-sell motions

Manage your partner plans and opportunity collaboration in one place to enable efficient and repeatable processes. Accelerate your deal execution with cadence notes and task assignments.

Real time reporting & analytics

Track pipeline and sales performance in real-time with auto-generated KPI reports. Visualize your co-sell performance with intuitive charts - actuals vs. goals, pipeline metrics, performance by region or solution, and more.

Turnkey solution with expert support

WorkSpan provides best practices and expert guidance at every step so your team can be up and running quickly. WorkSpan takes care of the heavy lifting and manages the continual changes in Google’s APIs and processes so you can avoid disruptions and focus on growing your co-sell business.

Platform for scaling your co-sell business

WorkSpan helps you automate and streamline your co-sell processes so you can eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, increase referral volume with Google, accelerate deal cycles, and quickly scale your co-sell revenues.

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