Co-Sell with AWS and Microsoft from Inside Salesforce

Turnkey Platform for
Co-Sell Management

WorkSpan is the leader in co-sell management applications and provides a SaaS platform for efficiently managing and scaling your AWS or Microsoft co-sell business from Salesforce.

Referral Sharing with WorkSpan’s Salesforce Application

Scale Your Co-Sell Business with Speed!

Co SellBusiness

WorkSpan automates and streamlines your co-sell processes so you can:

    • Eliminate manual and repetitive work
    • Increase referral volume with AWS and Microsoft
    • Accelerate deal cycles
    • Quickly scale your co-sell revenues

Automate And Simplify Co-Sell Referral Sharing

Send Co-Sell Referral to AWS/Microsoft Sellers

With WorkSpan, you can submit your Salesforce opportunities to AWS ACE or Microsoft Partner Center with just a few simple clicks.

Our platform helps ensure timely and error-free referral submissions with features such as opportunity sales stage mapping, referral form autofill and validations.

Co SellReferral
ReceiveCo SellReferralsfromAWSorMicrosoft

Receive Co-Sell Referrals from AWS or Microsoft

You can quickly accept inbound referrals and create opportunities without manual data entry. 

You can also avoid duplicate records in your Salesforce by using opportunity linking feature.

Get Started with WorkSpan Today​!

We take care of the heavy lifting and manage the continual changes in AWS and Microsoft APIs and processes so you can avoid disruptions and focus on growing your AWS or Microsoft co-sell business.

Achieve Your Partnering Revenue Goals

Do more with less and deliver what really matters to your company.

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