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The Role of Strategic Partnerships and WorkSpan in Google's Industry Value Networks

Chip Rodgers

At the bustling Google Marketplace Expo event in Mountain View, the worlds of technology and industry came together. Amidst the buzz of innovation and collaboration, I had a chance conversation with Pallab Deb, Managing Director of SI & Industry GTM Partnerships for Google. My conversation focused on Google’s groundbreaking initiative: Industry Value Networks (IVNs). Watch the video interview here.

Video: My conversation with Pallab Deb, Managing Director of SI & Industry GTM Partnerships at Google

Pallab shed light on Google's vision for IVNs and the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in driving industry solutions forward. Little did I know, this meeting would lay the foundation for an insightful journey into the realm of Google's innovative approach to industry collaboration, and this detailed blog.

Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, Google is empowering industries to reinvent themselves, from retail to manufacturing, and beyond. Now, Google Cloud is taking its commitment to industry solutions to the next level with the launch of Industry Value Networks (IVNs), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing complex challenges head-on.

Industry Value Networks represent a strategic collaboration between Google Cloud and its ecosystem of partners, including systems integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and content partners. These networks bring together expertise and offerings from diverse stakeholders to create comprehensive, differentiated, and high-value solutions tailored to specific industry needs. By pre-integrating solutions, IVNs accelerate time-to-value and mitigate risks for customers, paving the way for swift application of industry-specific solutions.

Within IVNs, Google Cloud is spearheading initiatives across multiple sectors, each targeting critical industry use cases. From optimizing supply chains to promoting sustainability and revolutionizing financial services, IVNs are poised to drive meaningful change across various industries. Strategic partners play a pivotal role in these networks, contributing their expertise and innovative solutions to address pressing industry challenges.

For instance, in the supply chain domain, Google Cloud is collaborating with Accenture, project44, and NGIS to enhance supply chain resilience and sustainability. Similarly, in the financial services sector, partnerships with Quantiphi, Unqork, and Dociphi are revolutionizing insurance underwriting processes, offering automation and efficiency like never before. These examples underscore the transformative potential of IVNs and the crucial role of strategic partners in driving innovation and delivering value to customers.

Looking ahead, Google Cloud is committed to expanding its portfolio of IVNs, with plans to launch additional initiatives in collaboration with strategic partners and customers. Whether it's modernizing core banking architectures, revolutionizing retail experiences, or accelerating operational efficiencies in healthcare, IVNs are set to revolutionize industries across the board. As Google Cloud continues to innovate and collaborate, IVNs will serve as a catalyst for exceptional end-user experiences, improved operational efficiency, and sustainable practices, ushering in a new era of industry solutions.

Pallab also underscored the pivotal role of WorkSpan's Hyperscaler Edition for Google  in nurturing and expanding partnerships within Google's Industry Value Networks (IVNs). As Google collaborates with an array of partners to develop industry-specific solutions, WorkSpan's platform emerges as a cornerstone in fostering seamless collaboration and enhancing visibility into joint opportunities and pipelines. 

Here, I’ll share what we call the “Reciprocal Effect”, showing how, as partners share more referral opportunities, the partner becomes more well known until, over time, they hyperscaler sales teams start sharing more reciprocal opportunities back to the partner.. This phenomenon underscores the mutual benefit derived from shared engagements between partners and cloud providers. 

Screenshot 1: Significant improvement in inbound referrals witnessed after WorkSpan’s deployment

As partners leverage WorkSpan to streamline collaboration and expand their reach within the ecosystem, they position themselves as trusted allies for cloud providers seeking to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers and grow their own pipeline through these co-sell automation capabilities. Partners are also able to contribute their expertise and offerings to enhance the cloud provider's portfolio, while simultaneously receiving referrals for opportunities that align with their strengths. 

As Google and its partners navigate the complexities of industry challenges, WorkSpan's Hyperscaler Edition serves as a catalyst for shared innovation and growth, fueling the success of partner co-selling and propelling industries into a future defined by transformative solutions.

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