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WorkSpan announces Chief Partner Officer; Doubles down on commitment to elevate partnership leaders to the C-Suite


WorkSpan, the #1 SaaS solution for B2B partner co-selling, is excited to announce that Chip Rodgers will be taking on a new leadership role, as Chief Partner Officer, building and nurturing partnerships to drive growth and new opportunities globally for WorkSpan.

As Chief Marketing Officer for over 5 years, Chip successfully created and developed the new category of partner ecosystem solutions, and built the company's prominent go-to-market strategy. 

Chip will bring that same high-octane effort to expanding partner relationships and drive revenue growth through joint go-to-market initiatives and co-selling with partners in the partner ecosystem space. In addition to leading initiatives with our ecosystem partners, Chip will continue to engage with and broaden programs with communities of partnership leaders and professionals globally. 

“WorkSpan is uniquely positioned to elevate partnerships by transforming the way B2B ecosystems collaborate to grow business together and I’m thrilled to be the company’s first Chief Partner Officer.”

With Chip's extensive experience in building and managing partnerships, WorkSpan is well-positioned to continue growing its ecosystem and driving positive business impact for customers.  

As Chip moves to this new role, WorkSpan will announce a new leader to take on the Marketing function in the coming weeks.

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