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WorkSpan Culture: Why Your Next Adventure is at WorkSpan

Erika Westphal

At WorkSpan, our culture is a verb. To me, this means it’s a culmination of our hard work, collaboration, open communication, and the act of delivering awesomeness on a day-to-day basis―a commitment we all share with each other and our users.I don’t need or want to give a sales pitch about why WorkSpan is a fantastic place to work. In fact, we might not be what you expect from a Silicon Valley company. For instance, we forgo a lot of the perks that are commonplace in Silicon Valley—you won’t find ping pong tables, nap rooms, kombucha on tap or any of the other latest perks here.We don’t boast flavor-of-the-month perks because our goal is to offer more than fleeting extras. Instead, we are doing the hard work of empowering our team to act on behalf of WorkSpan as a stakeholder.We recently consolidated our two open areas into one open area instead of renting a new space. We stopped buying cold-pressed juices for our staff because it was hurting our bottom line. I did an audit of our tools and discontinued the ones we rarely use or the ones we paid and forgot we paid for. None of these tasks were particularly fun or exciting, but they speak to our values of diligence, perseverance, and resourcefulness. We don’t boast about tangibles here—but we do promise to mold our employees into superstars.

Giving our employees what matters

In a time when companies struggle to hire and retain talented employees, perks are not what keep the best workers around. According to Harvard Business Review, millennials and other generations of workers want to feel committed to their role and have opportunities to advance and grow. Millennials, in particular, are always on the lookout for the next opportunity and are willing to seize it when it comes along, but would also like to be loyal to their employer if given the opportunity to learn and advance.

WorkSpan team

Investment in employees pays off. According to research from Best Places to Work,

“At companies where managers show sincere interest in millennials as people, the organization sees an 8x improvement in agility, and a 7x increase in innovation.”

So, while we may be light on perks, we understand what our employees really want from their jobs—an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves, a chance to learn new skills, and continued options for advancement.

Our values and beliefs

Our goal and vision at WorkSpan are to empower and trust everyone in the team to act on behalf of the company in the best way they can. We want our employees to feel this the moment they walk through our doors on their first day at work. Here, every member of our team is a stakeholder, a partner, and a trusted and important member of an ecosystem.

WorkSpan values
  1. Spread user love: This value is in the core of everything we do. We love to delight our users and deliver awesomeness every which way we can.
  2. Share information openly: From the moment you get your WorkSpan email address, you become a part of the WorkSpan family. This means visibility and insight into all the information you need to get the job done.
  3. Evolve toward your best self: Our role as a company is to guide you, remove obstacles, and let you pioneer your own success.
  4. Innovate to last: At Workspan, we iterate often, seek feedback, and religiously study our users’ needs. We move fast, embrace the unknown, and are always open to new ways of doing things.
  5. Span all borders: We use the power of a global workforce to our advantage, and our diverse team makes us better at iterating and delivering for our customers.
  6. Deliver awesomeness: Our secret sauce is a whole-hearted and genuine commitment to each other and our users. If spreading user love is the path to our destination, delivering awesomeness lights our way.

From top to bottom, our culture is baked in. The CEO moonlights as a bartender on #thirstythursdays, the CCO washes the dishes with a smile on his face, and most importantly, our leadership team is always available to work through problems, no matter the time of day.At WorkSpan, we offer more than sushi chefs and free dinners—although we do supply a continental breakfast to staff. We offer the kind of work that matters and has a purpose. It’s nitty-gritty work solving big problems—work that sometimes makes us scratch our heads, work that stretches our patience, work that tests the strength of our character. But our team always has the tools to succeed. We promise to support, trust and empower each employee. We enable our staff, giving them the breadth and freedom to express themselves and make a difference because we aren’t afraid of change or a challenge.Culture is a verb in our office. It’s an ever-changing, growing thing, and in return, we offer our employees the things they want—growth opportunities, empowered leadership, and a job that is a good fit for their talents and interests.

About Erika Westphal

Erika is the leader, business and people operations. She writes about how to develop and maintain company culture and work towards value-driven growth.

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