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WorkSpan Partners with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Accelerate Joint Customers’ Revenue

Chip Rodgers

Part of our mission here at WorkSpan is to completely re-imagine the way partners go to business together. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest integration with — Microsoft Dynamics 365.This new integration gives Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers the tools they need to build, sell, and market with their partners as well as open the door to or expand multi-partner relationships. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s collaboration with WorkSpan will lead to better customer experience, innovative marketing, and sales solutions, and accelerated go-to-market cycles. Here’s more about what this new integration means for Microsoft partners.What to expect with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrationThe Dynamics 365 integration offers the features you need to manage your critical partnership and channel relationships.

Only with WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud, can enterprises orchestrate multi-partner and partner-to-partner sales motions, and deliver end-to-end offerings to enable the best customer experiences. Microsoft partner benefits mean now, you can:

  • See your Dynamics 365 opportunities in WorkSpan.
  • Keep an eye on your new partner opportunities—and updates—with seamless syncing to WorkSpan. Both you and your partners can know how things are progressing without a slow or clumsy exchange of information.
  • View your partner engagement and contributions in real-time.
  • Don’t miss a moment to accelerate an opportunity. With real-time activity on activities such as customer meetings, ecosystem partners are one step ahead and have the visibility necessary to close quickly.
  • Make intelligent decisions with your partners.
  • Using shared data available at your fingertips, eliminating the manual process of spreadsheets and spend time on the strategy and collaboration that matters.
  • Give your partners the materials they need to succeed.
  • Rather than waiting for your next partner call, make sure your partners are armed with the latest, best collateral to take to market.

According to Arun Ramachandran, Director of Product at WorkSpan,

With this integration, partners within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem will be able to securely share critical opportunity data with other partners, seamlessly sync new partner opportunities to trigger the right partner activities by sales stage, shrink deal cycles, and track revenue influence.

This WorkSpan integration gives you and your partners further predictability and insight into the value each team is bringing to the table. This kind of leverage in your partner relationships is key to making every dollar in your budget count and saving valuable time spinning up new partnerships and opportunities.WorkSpan will always work to make it easy to deliver, market, and sell with your partners. After all, industry analyst reports continue to show growth in ecosystems, for example, this recent study by McKinsey predicts ecosystems will account for 30% of all sales by 2025—and 2025 is just around the corner. Our new partnership with Microsoft will help us deliver the innovation you need to successfully keep up with changing markets, remain ahead of the competition, and leverage your ecosystem like never before.

Chief Partner Officer

About Chip Rodgers

Chip is passionate about building strong communities and ecosystems around enterprises to build excitement for the category, deliver value for customers, and grow the business. Prior to WorkSpan, Chip was with SAP for over 13 years, most recently growing the SAP Community Network to over 2 million engaged customers, partners, and developers. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and an engineering degree from Northwestern.

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