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WorkSpan: Your Partner for Transition to Enhanced AWS Partner Central

Nitin Mathur

AWS recently unveiled self-service enhancements and automations to AWS Partner Central, aiming to empower partners with increased efficiencies, data insights, and enhanced customer reach through AWS Marketplace integration. 

In response to these changes, WorkSpan, a pivotal integration partner of AWS, is actively collaborating with AWS to ensure a smooth transition for partners from the older version of AWS Partner Central and Marketplace to the new version. WorkSpan's commitment to facilitating this transition is highlighted through our support and partner success teams  addressing the nuances of these enhancements and supporting AWS partners at scale.

Understanding the Nature of Partner Central Enhancements

As AWS partners navigate through these updates, it becomes crucial to grasp the intricacies of the changes and their implications. This article aims to shed light on how these changes may impact partners using ACE-CRM integration, with a specific focus on the role of WorkSpan in facilitating a smooth transition for such partners. More details will be provided through updates to this article.

ACE Data Model Updates

One of the key changes observed in the AWS Commercial Exchange (ACE), for partners using ACE- CRM Integration, is addition of new fields and modification (deprecation) of existing fields. ACE provides default values for all the mandatory new fields that are introduced to ease the shift. For the fields that have modified lists of values, similarly ACE provides an internal mapping / translation of the old values to the new values to avoid any disruption.  These updates are already covered in your WorkSpan application.

Enhanced ACE-Marketplace Integration

With the new enhancements, now partners can link their referrals that are getting closed on marketplace with the exact offer that’s being accepted by the customer. This allows partners to connect their referrals to the eventual contracts and offers. WorkSpan provides these marketplace capabilities with its Hyperscaler Edition for AWS package that provides end to end connectivity between referrals to enable complete lifecycle from marketplace listings to offer creation, management and closure.  

Transition Process and Backward Compatibility

Although the transition is irreversible post-implementation, AWS has ensured backward compatibility for next few months. With WorkSpan, partners can have continued operations without disruptions during this transition period.

Backward Compatibility Scenario

All the referrals of partners will continue to flow as ‘co-sell’ referral in WorkSpan until the transition to V2 is complete and at that point, partners can choose to send referrals FVO - “For Visibility Only” as well. 

Similarly, all referrals will be treated as ‘net new business’ until WorkSpan transitions to V2, at which point partner’s will be able to specify whether an opportunity as a renewal (flat or expansion) or net new business. 

Maintaining Operations Through this Transition

WorkSpan customers can continue to operate as usual while a full transition to the enhanced version is completed. WorkSpan recommends partners to continue with their current flow and maintain existing processes. Here is our guideline for partners using ACE-CRM integration:

Stick with Current Processes and Workflows

WorkSpan advises partners to continue using their existing processes and workflows within WorkSpan during the transition. By sticking to familiar practices, partners can easily mitigate the impact of changes introduced by AWS, fostering continuity in their operations. 

Maintain Business as Usual Operations

In the face of these changes, WorkSpan emphasizes the importance of maintaining "Business as Usual" operations. By doing so, partners can ensure a smooth continuation of their day-to-day activities without unnecessary disruptions, aligning with the overarching goal of business continuity.

For example, though the launch process looks different in ACE after upgrade, you should continue to use your existing established launch process from within your CRM or WorkSpan web app with the information that you currently provide. The backward compatibility will ensure that the launch process works smoothly without the need of providing any additional details as per the enhanced version. 

For partners leveraging WorkSpan's services, the recommendation is to take full advantage of the "Launch in ACE" capability. This feature provides partners with a user-friendly mechanism inside the CRM and WorkSpan's app to close opportunities seamlessly on ACE.

Promptly Report Errors

Recognizing these AWS updates may come with challenges, WorkSpan encourages partners to be proactive in reporting any errors encountered during their co-sell process. The customer success team at WorkSpan is ready to provide support, swiftly addressing and resolving issues to minimize any  disruptions.

WorkSpan  is continuously monitoring the systems closely and working with the ACE engineering team, to ensure fast resolution and unblocking any impacted partner flows. 

Advantage WorkSpan

WorkSpan views the enhancements to Partner Central as a collaborative journey with AWS partners. As AWS continues to transform the experience, WorkSpan is committed to making ongoing improvements that drive higher value exchange, ensuring that partners not only adapt to change but also thrive in the evolving AWS ecosystem. 

For AWS partners, WorkSpan offers a range of advantages when dealing with continuous changes in the ACE platform:

Proven Expertise in AWS Integration

WorkSpan's long-standing partnership with AWS positions it as a trusted expert in navigating the AWS ecosystem. With a deep understanding of AWS Partner Central and Marketplace dynamics, WorkSpan brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Our collaborative approach with AWS is instrumental in addressing challenges faced by partners during transitions.

Smooth Transition with Backward Compatibility

WorkSpan's guidance ensures a smooth transition from the older version of AWS Partner Central to the new. By providing insights into ACE requirements and emphasizing the importance of backward compatibility, WorkSpan ensures partners can adapt seamlessly to the evolving AWS landscape.

End-to-End Solution from Co-Sell to Marketplace Integration

WorkSpan's commitment to providing an end-to-end flow within SFDC from co-sell planning, referral and opportunity sharing, automation for pipeline management and managing offers through the marketplace demonstrates its comprehensive solution capabilities. This integration streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency for partners operating in the ACE and AWS Marketplace.

Dedicated Customer Success and Support Team

WorkSpan's customer success team plays a crucial role in monitoring and addressing any errors or issues that partners may encounter during the transition. This proactive support ensures a high level of operational continuity for partners. Partners can also leverage FAQ and documentation resources to gain clarity on various aspects of the transition process, empowering them to make informed decisions.

WorkSpan stands as a strategic partner for AWS partners, dedicated to empowering them to navigate these enhancements with confidence, supporting their growth, and ensuring a mutually beneficial and continued partnership with AWS.

Director, Product Marketing

About Nitin Mathur

Nitin Mathur is a marketing maverick with an extensive experience in the tech, telecom, and consumer electronics industry. As Director of Product Marketing at WorkSpan, Nitin is on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses manage their multi-partner ecosystems with WorkSpan's cutting-edge product capabilities. Prior to his stint at WorkSpan, Nitin worked at various marketing positions at some of the biggest names in the industry, including IBM, Motorola, and Philips. He is also a tech enthusiast passionate about harnessing technology's power to solve real-world problems.

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