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Four Strategies to Grow Co-Selling with Cloud Marketplace


Engaging with cloud marketplaces is increasingly essential in the business landscape. Over 70% of B2B buyers prefer the convenience of procuring through a cloud marketplace or a company website, indicating a shift in procurement preferences. Furthermore, as 83% of enterprises embrace a multi-cloud strategy and 59% utilize three or more cloud providers, the demand for diverse cloud solutions becomes apparent. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are the major players in the hyperscale cloud market, dominating with a comprehensive suite of services and a global infrastructure. These platforms offer scalable computing power, storage solutions, and advanced services such as machine learning and analytics. 

These trends emphasize the strategic importance of understanding and adopting best practices in the hyperscaler cloud ecosystem to thrive in the evolving cloud marketplace landscape. 

That’s what we’re covering today. We are helping you optimize your cloud marketplace strategy with these four marketplace best practices:

  • Refining Marketplace Messaging 
  • Enhancing Product Awareness
  • Analyzing Data For Higher ROI
  • Enhancing Efficiency Through Integration

But first, let’s dive a bit deeper into what cloud marketplaces are and how they can be leveraged for success.

Understanding Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud marketplaces are centralized platforms that connect cloud service providers with users, offering a diverse range of cloud-based solutions, services, and applications. 

Key characteristics of a cloud marketplace include:

  • Vendor Diversity: These platforms feature offerings from various vendors, from independent software vendors (ISVs) to established technology companies, providing users with a wide range of solutions.
  • On-Demand Services: Users access cloud services on a flexible, pay-as-you-go or subscription basis, offering scalability and cost-effectiveness to meet business needs.
  • Streamlined Procurement: Cloud marketplaces simplify the procurement process by providing a unified platform for browsing, selecting, and purchasing services, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • Integration Opportunities: Many marketplaces offer integration capabilities with other tools, connecting business applications, analytics, or collaboration platforms for a cohesive cloud ecosystem.
  • Aggregated Billing and Management: Users benefit from aggregated billing and centralized management features, allowing monitoring, control of cloud expenditures, and management of multiple services from a single interface.
  • Community and Collaboration: Some marketplaces foster community engagement, enabling users to share insights, reviews, and best practices for an enhanced overall experience.

The importance of hyperscalers

Hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP are the key players in cloud marketplace selling due to their vast infrastructure, global reach, and scalability. Leveraging hyperscaler cloud services ensures reliable performance, robust security, and seamless integration, enhancing the overall user experience. The extensive network of data centers maintained by hyperscalers enables businesses to reach a global audience efficiently, expanding their market presence. 

Additionally, the hyperscaler's ability to provide on-demand resources aligns with the dynamic needs of businesses, allowing for cost-effective scaling and optimal utilization of cloud services. As key players in the cloud computing landscape, hyperscalers bring a level of credibility and trust, attracting customers and partners to businesses operating within cloud marketplaces. 

The Benefits of Cloud Marketplaces

Selling on a hyperscaler cloud marketplace offers businesses a global reach and scalable solutions. Cloud marketplaces provide cost-efficient, secure, and innovative platforms for deploying services. Benefits include:

  • Global Exposure: Selling on a hyperscaler cloud marketplace provides businesses with a global audience and extensive reach.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud marketplaces offer scalable solutions, allowing businesses to adjust resources dynamically based on demand.
  • Cost Efficiency: Leveraging a cloud marketplace enables cost-effective operations with pay-as-you-go models, eliminating the need for significant upfront investments.
  • Security Measures: Hyperscaler cloud platforms invest heavily in robust security measures, ensuring the protection of data and applications.
  • Innovation and Integration: Cloud marketplaces continually introduce new services and features, fostering innovation, and seamless integration with various tools and third-party services.
  • Agility and Adaptability: Businesses can quickly adapt to market changes, thanks to the agility offered by cloud solutions and hyperscaler platforms.
  • Collaboration and Remote Work Support: Cloud marketplaces facilitate collaboration and support remote work, contributing to a more versatile and accessible work environment.

Here are some well known success stories of companies selling on cloud marketplaces:

DocuSign (on Azure Marketplace)

DocuSign, a premier SaaS provider for electronic signatures and digital transaction management, strategically collaborated with Microsoft Azure to expand its global presence and fortify service reliability. Through seamless integration with the Azure Marketplace, DocuSign streamlined deployment for Azure users, simplifying the adoption of electronic signature solutions. This partnership not only broadened DocuSign's customer base but also presented Azure users with a reliable and efficient electronic signature and document workflow solution from a trusted provider.

Slack Technologies (on AWS Marketplace)

Slack, a leading collaboration and messaging platform, relies on AWS Marketplace for its cloud infrastructure requirements. Leveraging its seamless integration with AWS services, Slack efficiently manages its infrastructure, ensuring a dependable service for millions of users worldwide.

Zenefits (on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace): 

Zenefits, a prominent human resources software company, strategically aligned with Google Cloud Platform Marketplace to deliver its software on a scalable and secure infrastructure. This collaboration empowers Zenefits to concentrate on its core business while leveraging the robust infrastructure and global reach of Google Cloud, exemplifying marketplace best practices for scalable cloud solutions.

Optimizing Your Cloud Selling Strategy

Refining Marketplace Messaging 

Captivate your audience in the hyperscaler cloud marketplace by honing a narrative that resonates. Optimize your approach with these strategies:

  • Understand your audience: Delve into hyperscaler cloud analytics to grasp target audience demographics, preferences, and needs. Leverage platform insights for precise targeting.
  • Create a Distinctive Hyperscaler Value Proposition: Clearly define your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) within the hyperscaler cloud, emphasizing what sets your solutions apart.
  • Tell a Cohesive Brand Story: Develop a consistent brand story tailored to the hyperscaler cloud marketplace dynamics. Emphasize your journey, mission, and commitment to addressing cloud-centric challenges.
  • Highlight Cloud Solutions Benefits: Articulate specific benefits your cloud solutions bring, spotlighting what makes your offerings valuable.
  • Optimize for Hyperscaler Searchability: Incorporate hyperscaler-specific keywords strategically to enhance discoverability within the cloud marketplace.

Crafting a compelling hyperscaler cloud marketplace narrative involves optimizing for targeted visibility, distinct value proposition, and dynamic adaptability to platform-specific nuances. Implement these strategies to position your cloud solutions effectively in the hyperscaler marketplace landscape.

Analyzing Data For Higher ROI

Analyzing data is instrumental in refining and enhancing your cloud marketplace selling strategy, ultimately driving higher ROI. Here's how data analysis contributes to success:

  • Performance Evaluation: Analyzing performance data allows you to Identify top-performing products and allocate resources strategically to maximize ROI.
  • Customer Behavior Insights: Data analysis unveils valuable insights into customer behavior, such as browsing patterns, purchasing decisions, and interaction with your offerings.This lets you tailor your cloud marketplace approach based on customer preferences, leading to more targeted and effective marketing strategies.
  • Optimized Pricing Strategies: Data analysis helps in evaluating the impact of different pricing models on sales and revenue.Then, you can adjust pricing strategies to align with customer expectations and market trends, optimizing your offerings for better ROI.
  • Refined Targeting and Segmentation: Data analysis helps in segmenting your target audience, helping you tailor marketing messages and promotions to specific customer segments.
  • Adaptation to Market Trends: Stay up-to-date on market trends and quickly adapt your offerings and strategies to align, ensuring sustained relevance and maximizing ROI.

Pro-tip: You can achieve real-time performance measurement with ease and efficiency via integrating tools like WorkSpan into your cloud marketplace sales workflow (more on this shortly).

Enhancing Product Awareness

Enhancing product awareness in the hyperscaler cloud marketplace requires a strategic approach. Here are optimized steps to boost visibility:

  • Craft Hyperscaler Cloud Product Listings: Create compelling product listings with high-quality visuals, clear descriptions, and strategic use of hyperscaler cloud keywords for improved search visibility.
  • Strategically Leverage Hyperscaler Cloud Keywords: Conduct thorough keyword research to incorporate hyperscaler cloud-specific terms in your product listings, enhancing search engine optimization within the cloud marketplace.
  • Harness Promotional Opportunities in Hyperscaler Cloud: Utilize promotional features offered by the hyperscaler cloud marketplace. Leverage sponsored listings or discounts strategically to increase visibility and attract a broader audience.
  • Engage with Visual Content in Hyperscaler Cloud: Enhance your product listings with visually appealing content tailored to the hyperscaler cloud context. Leverage images, infographics, and videos to effectively showcase your product's features.
  • Leverage Hyperscaler Cloud Customer Reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews specifically highlighting hyperscaler cloud benefits. Positive feedback builds credibility and trust within the hyperscaler marketplace.
  • Explore Cross-Promotion in Hyperscaler Cloud: Partner with vendors offering complementary hyperscaler cloud products. Cross-promote each other's offerings to expand reach and introduce your products to new hyperscaler cloud audiences.
  • Stay Informed About Hyperscaler Cloud Marketplace Changes: Stay updated on any changes or updates to the hyperscaler cloud marketplace algorithms or features. Adapt promptly to these changes to maintain optimal visibility and performance.

By aligning your strategy with hyperscaler cloud keywords and marketplace best practices, you can elevate product awareness within the hyperscaler cloud marketplace and optimize your selling approach effectively.

Enhancing Efficiency Through Integration

Integrating a tool like WorkSpan into your cloud marketplace selling strategy can efficiently optimize your cloud marketplace strategy. Plus, the tool uses automation to make all of your marketplace best practices not just possible, but simple Here's how:

  • Centralized Partnership Management: Use a unified platform to efficiently manage partnerships, reduce operational complexities, and streamline collaboration with cloud providerss.
  • Automated Co-Selling Processes: Drive efficiency through automated referral creation , minimizing manual workload and ensuring accurate credit allocation for your sales efforts.
  • Access to Sales and Marketing Resources: Collaborate seamlessly with cloud providers with access to their sales and marketing resources to promote your products effectively and reach a wider audience.
  • Real-Time Performance Measurement: Gain a real-time view of partnership performance metrics, enabling data-driven decisions for continuous optimization of your co-selling strategy within the cloud marketplace.
  • Multi-Party Ecosystem Support: Navigate the intricacies of multi-party ecosystems effortlessly, ensuring smooth collaboration with various stakeholders involved in the cloud marketplace.
  • Ecosystem Intelligence and Data Hub: Harness the power of ecosystem intelligence that provides valuable insights to inform your decisions and adapt your strategy to evolving marketplace dynamics.
  • Access Control for Security: Prioritize security with robust access control features, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring a secure collaboration environment within the cloud marketplace.
  • Efficient Pipeline Management: Manage your co-sell pipeline with precision within the platform and track co-sell deals from referral to launch directly in your CRM for a streamlined and efficient process.

In summary, active participation in the dynamic realm of cloud marketplaces has become imperative for businesses. With over 70% of B2B buyers favoring the convenience of these platforms, the significance of cloud marketplaces is undeniable. The dominance of hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP highlights the strategic importance of embracing best practices within the hyperscaler cloud ecosystem for sustained success.

A Quick Recap of Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Cloud Marketplaces: These centralized platforms offer vendor diversity, on-demand services, streamlined procurement, integration opportunities, aggregated billing, and community collaboration, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses.
  • The Pivotal Role of Hyperscalers: AWS, Azure, and GCP play a pivotal role in cloud marketplace selling, offering global reach, scalability, reliability, and on-demand resources, bringing credibility and trust to businesses.
  • Benefits of Cloud Marketplaces: From global exposure and scalability to cost efficiency and security measures, cloud marketplaces offer a versatile and innovative platform for businesses to deploy their services.
  • Optimizing Your Cloud Selling Strategy: Best practices such as refining marketplace messaging, enhancing product awareness, analyzing data for higher ROI, and enhancing efficiency through integration are crucial for success.

As technology evolves, cloud marketplaces will continue to be central in the business ecosystem. The integration of advanced technologies like machine learning and analytics within hyperscaler platforms will create new opportunities for businesses to innovate and optimize operations.

In this dynamic landscape, businesses are encouraged to stay agile, continually refine their strategies, and leverage the tools and best practices discussed. Embracing the collaborative and efficient features of hyperscaler cloud platforms, alongside data-driven decision-making, will be key to thriving in the competitive cloud marketplace environment.

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