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WorkSpan Recognized as Leading Ecosystem Orchestrator

“Reduce ecosystem’s time to value and increase its effectiveness by investing in an ecosystem
management solution best suited to their ecosystem instead of building a completely custom

Emerging Technologies: Digital Solutions to Enable
Ecosystems and Marketplaces, March 2021

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WorkSpan Named Cool Vendor

“WorkSpan has developed a partner ecosystem cloud solution that provides all the functionality required for alliance managers… to drive the sales process and manage partner relationships.”

Cool Vendors in Channel and Sales Enablement, May 2019

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IDC Defines the Category of Ecosystem Business Management (EBM)

“The emergence of EBM applications is an encouraging sign that strategic alliance and ecosystem partners’ business requirements are a priority. The adoption of these applications will establish common business practices, reduce redundancy, improve collaboration, and manage costs while maintaining a focused perspective of the desired customer experience.”

Market Perspective: Ecosystem Business Management Concept and Capabilities, October 2020

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WorkSpan Cited as Example of How to Digitize Programs and Support Systems

“Digitize programs and support systems — One of the cornerstones to delivering scale and agility is digitizing program infrastructure and support systems. This includes partner ecosystem management, selection for projects and opportunity management (e.g., WorkSpan ecosystem management software).”

Disruptive Program Design for TSP Partner Ecosystems, March 2020


Forrester Recognizes WorkSpan in the Ecosystem Management Tech Stack

“The effective use of technology tools is no longer optional — ecosystems don’t run on spreadsheets!”

Forrester Blog Post: Channel Software Tech Stack 2021, January 2021

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WorkSpan Elevates Business Networks

“WorkSpan provides a distinctive and, so far, unique approach to managing the joint activities that technology partners undertake to develop, market, and sell their offerings. Unlike traditional partner relationship management systems, ecosystem management platforms like WorkSpan’s are designed to support multiple partner teams working together.”

Constellation Research: WorkSpan’s Ecosystem Cloud Elevates Business Networks, 2019

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