Assessments App

Qualify joint sales opportunities coming from your partners with custom questionnaires tailored to key criteria for your joint solutions and critical steps in your joint sales process.

Qualify your joint opportunities with your ecosystem.

Find the most promising opportunities that match your offerings and boost win-rates.


Set up targeted assessment questionnaires for your business. Tie assessments to specific partners and solutions.


Partners answer your customized questions. Opportunities are qualified based on your defined scoring model.


Convert assessments into opportunities as they meet qualification criteria. Over time, partners learn to find better opportunities.

High-Velocity Account Qualification.

Provide A Guided Way To Define And Quickly Fill Out Assessment Questionnaires.

Configure questionnaires to drive fast & effective account qualification & enable partners at scale. Tailor questionnaires by solution, region or any criteria that are relevant to your business use case.
Creating Assessments in WorkSpan
Assessments Scoring Model

Are New Opportunities Real Or Not? Find Out Quickly With Your Customized Scoring Model.

Assessment templates include a scoring model. Reviewers can provide in-context comments & guidance to assessment owners based on scores.

Qualify And Focus On Highest-Probability Opportunities. Stop Chasing Everything In Sight!

Convert high-scoring assessments immediately into qualified opportunities. Save both your & your partner’s time, invest in accounts that are a good fit for your offerings, increase win rates, and train your partners on how to bring you the best opportunities.
Convert Opportunities with Assessments

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